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disordered cycle of menstruation. The pituitary, that tiny gland which controls the rhythmicity of bodily functions and the appreciation of rhythm, may be at fault. Psychic disorders Purchase Zyprexa originating in unfulfilled wishes, which seek a somatic outlet as a manifestation, may be causing havoc. Or the Olanzapine Risperidone body may be marshalling its armies of defense against an anemia which in turn may have any one of many causative factors. This is only given as an example. The lesson may be carried on to Olanzapine Tablets every Zyprexa Buy branch of the complex specialty of gynecology. A few of the more pro- gressive men have realized the importance of con- sidering all the factors which may enter into a given case. First of all, the Buy Zyprexa entire picture must be in focus, then the Olanzapine Tablet finer details may be explored and elaborated. If necessary a part of a patient may be sent to the laboratory as an aid in diagnosis, but the patient as an individual must always be before our eyes. For this reason the philosophers who prophesied that the specialists would find them- selves in blind alleys may be reassured. The work of synthesis has begun before analysis became too minute. The architect must know the strength of each Zyprexa Mg beam and girder, but he must not lose sight of the structure as a whole. November 6. 1920.] EDITORIAL ARTICLES 727 RICKETS AXD THE VITAMINES. Rickets is one Zyprexa 10mg of the diseases believed by many investigators to be due to a deficiency of the vita- mine element. There is, however, another band of observers who believe in the prime importance of defective hygiene in its etiology and yet others who hold the theory that the condition is brought about, not only by a deficiencj' or lack of vitamines but by a deficiency of certain articles of diet which pro- duces ill balanced metabolism. Hess and Unger imdertook a series of clinical experiments, the re- sults of which were published in the Online Zyprexa Journal of the American Medical Association, 74, 1920, which appear to show that deficiency in the fat soluble Zyprexa 5 vitamine has little to do with the causation of rickets. In a paper read before the British Medical Asso- ciation recently. Dr. F. Gowland Hopkins, pro- fessor of biochemistry in the University of Cam- bridge, subjected these experiments to criticism. He remarked that though they were of considerable importance, they failed to set the question at rest and he was struck with the exceptional constitution of the diet upon which infants were placed when it was intended to create a vitamine deficiency. He pointed out that in respect of rickets developing in the infants when the}- were placed on an apparently normal fat Zyprexa Online supply, no full analysis of the cases was given. Only two cases were mentioned in detail. The most striking of these, one in which rickets de- veloped in the child while it Olanzapine Price was on a very full sup- ply of whole milk, showed at the same time some added abnormality because the generous milk diet, with the Olanzapine 5mg addition of spinach, failed to produce growth. Hopkins thought it was noteworthy that the rickets was cured and growth became normal when at the thirteenth month codliver oil was added. On the other hand the five children in whom rickets did not develop, although their Olanzapine 10 Mg food was presumed to be highly deficient in the fat soluble vitamine, were given a diet of an extremely high total caloric value, containing, together with a vegetable fat, a large Zyprexa 10 daily ration of a skim milk powder. Hopkins was of the opinion Risperidone Olanzapine that to contrast the nutritive effects of skim milk, fortified with vegetable fat, with those of whole milk, was doubtless a legitimate method of testing the influence of the fat soluble vitamine, so long as both milks were administered in normal amounts. But he drew attention to the fact that skim milk was b}- no means free from the socalled fat soluble substance. He had experimental evi- dence to show that highly separated milk contained an amount decidedly in excess of what the residual fat would seem to indicate. '^A'lien, then, so large an amount as 180 grams of a milk powder, equal to nearly two litres of the original milk, Olanzapine 5 Mg was daily ad- ministered, as in Hess and Unger's experiments, in infants aged from four to nine months, the supply of Zyprexa Purchase the fat soluble vitamine was far from Cheap Zyprexa being negligible. Therefore, Hopkins deemed that valu- able as this clinical study might be, he did not think it brought evidence that was final. It does seem certain, that the more investigations

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