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ol the abdominal viscera. During labor such an ab- dominal wall plays a negligible part in assisting the Discount Zetia expulsive activity of the uterus; indeed, in many instances the relaxation encountered is so great that it allows of marked deviation of the uterus from the axis of expulsion. At all other times, a wall of this character offers no support to the abdominal viscera, the continued absence of this Buy Zetia Online support Zetia Online ulti- mately resulting in the acquired form of visceral ptosis. Remembering that the abdominal walls of the type previously described belong almost always to muitiparte, and that not all women who have born children have visceral ptoses consequent to re- FlG. Zetia Coupon 1. — Record of contrac- tion of frog's gastrocnemius muscle; myogram, a, muscle not weighted; myogram, b, muscle carrying a load of five grams. *Re3d before the section 'c\\- York Academy of Medic Gynecology and Obstetrics of the ■. January Zetia Coupons 26, 1920. laxed abdominal walls, the quest for the causative factor narrows down to the relation Cholesterol Zetia of the amount of strain to the quantity and quality of muscle. In the normal state the muscles extending from bone to bone are slightly stretched. This state of elastic tension insures s Zetia Hair Loss more prompt and ef- fective contraction,- as shown experimentally b}' the fact that the amount of rise Zetia Discount Card of a lever to which a muscle is at- tached, when excited by an electrical stimulus of definite strength, Zetia 10 Mg is greater when the muscle is placed under tension by adding a slight weight, than if no weight is added (Fig. 1). Muscle is extensile and perfectly elastic within limits. Zetia Cheap The extensibility of muscle for suc- cessive equal increments Buy Zetia of weight gradually de- creases, approaching zero as a limit. Before that limit is reached, removal of What Is Zetia the weights results in a perfect elastic recoil. If the weight is increased beyond the zero limit, which is also the elasticity limit, the amount of extension then increases with increasing increments of weight up to the rupture point, .and elastic recoil from beyond the elasticity limit is not perfect (Fig. 2). Frequently an abdomen is seen, the wall of which is under tension only while the woman is in the up- right position. When she is placed in the dorsal recumbent position, the loose redundant wall spreads over Cost Of Zetia the flanks and the pubes. It is evident that the tonus in these muscles is low and also that they have previoush' been stretched beyond their elastic re- coil limit. That wall does not support the abdominal viscera, and is one of the most frequent causes of the acquired form of visceral ptosis. A saggital section of the body shows the outline of the ab- dominal cavity to be somewhat pearshaped with the large end uppermost. The posterior wall, consist- ing of the psoas muscle and a fat pad, is in- clined backward from below upward at an angle of about fifty degrees, and it forms a padded shelf Zetia Price which helps to support the organs Cheap Zetia of the upper abdomen. Zetia Discount Its value, however, depends upon a firm anterior abdo- minal wall, because the inclination is so steep that unaided by any other force than the mesenteric attachments the heavy organs would tend to slide downward. The force of the an- terior abdominal wall being exerted inward and that of the posterior wall Zetia Prices diagonally upward, the resultant of the two forces is applied in a direc- tion best calculated to Zetia Cost give support (Fig. 3). Recognition of these facts Price Of Zetia has resulted in pallia- tive efiforts through the use of various anterior rein- FlG. 2. — (Above) Gradient of extensibility and elasticity for ten gram weights, before elas-

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