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not result in strictures. In patients treated for vari- ous abdominal disorders the condition is made clear l)y ]ialpation of the pelvic ureter. EXAMPLES OF CASES. Case I. — R. J., aged thirty-five. Sirtce the birth of Buy Zenegra her child five years ago, the patient had had pain TOVEY: FEMALE PELVIC URETERS. 721 in the left side of her abdomen and back, which had been very severe at times, and had also complained of frequent urination, which was painful. She was advised to have her ovaries removed, and had been treated for constipation, cystitis, ulcer of the stomach, and various other things. The examina- tion showed the pelvic organs to be normal, the cervix was lacerated, eroded, and infected. The left ureter was enlarged and very Zenegra 100mg tender ; palpation brought intense desire to urinate. The injection of collargol showed the ureter to be slightly dilated just over the bladder and the kidney pelvis slightly dilated. Pain was relieved after ureteral cathe- terization. Cheap Zenegra Case II. — A. G., aged sixty years, a patient of Dr. Wells ; sent to New York Polyclinic Hospital. Patient complained of acute pain in right side of abdomen over gallbladder region, which was tender and rigid over right abdomen : half a grain of mor- phine brought only partial relief. An examination showed that the right ureter was enlarged, tender, and very sensitive, and a small stone was felt just above the bladder. Cystoscopic examination showed the right ureteral meatus to be red and swollen, and the catheter was obstructed at two cm. above the Fig. 1.— Sagittal sectinn of the female pelvis, showing ImiMiiu i' palpation of lower end of ureter. bladder. An injection of collargol disclosed a small stone in the pelvic ureter with ureter dilated above it; the kidney pelvis was moderately dilated. The patient was relieved immediately after exami- nation and four days later a gallstone the size of a shoe button was passed. Case III. — G., aged thirty years, single. The pa- tient had pain in the right abdomen, suiTered from indigestion, and was sent to the hospital to have the appendix removed. Examination showed the pelvic organ to be normal : the right ureter thickenecl and tender, and pressure brought desire to urinate. Injection of collargol showed stricture just above the bladder, dilatation of the ureter above it, and small hydronephrosis. The patient was cured by dilatation of the ureter. Case IV. — R. S., aged twenty-two years ; mar- ried four years, has one child three years old. The patient had had three Zenegra 100 Mg miscarriages brought on by a midwife; was operated on two years ago for gall- stones, and again a year later for adhesions of gall- bladder. She complained of pain in the right abdo- men, backache, which was worse on walking, and had frequent urination and profuse leucorrhea. Ex- amination showed that the right ureter was enlarged and tender and palpation brought on a desire to pass urine. The cervix was found to be eroded and in- fected. Collargol injection showed that the ureter was slightly dilated above the bladder. Treatment of the cervix and vault of the vagina brought relief. Case V. — A patient of Dr. Wells, aged thirty- iwo years ; married, with one child five years of age. Last menses had been three months before, at which time she suflEered severe pain in right ovarian region, which was accompanied by spotting. The patient was sent to the Polyclinic Hospital for operation for ectopy. Examination showed the uterus Zenegra Online to be enlarged and that she had been pregnant for three months. The right ureter was enlarged and very tender, and pressure caused the desire to pass urine. Treatment of the vault of the Zenegra Uk vagina, uro- tropin, and lavage of the kidney pelvis brought relief. Zenegra 50 Case VL — K., aged forty years. Patient had fever, chills, and a tumor in the right side of abdo- men, diagnosed by diiTerent men as gallbladder and ovarian cyst. Frequent urination was also present, and at times there were blood clots in the urine. These were attributed by different physicians to an inflamed ureteral meatus. Examination showed that ilie right ureter was much enlarged and tender, and :i cystoscopic e.xainination showed that Zenegra 100 the blad- ler was normal and the right ureteral meatus red- dened and contracted. An injection of collargol

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