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ovaries in hysterectomy. I have had several cases in which hysterectomy was done and the ovaries Vigora Online left, in which menstruation occurred from the uterine stump for an indefinite time. There seemed to be no inconvenience and the mental effect was good as the patient thought she was having no menopause. Dr. E. C- Dudley (26) : I have not removed ovaries in hysterectomy cases. They have not, in my observation, done any harm ; on the contrary, there is apparently a more normal menopause and a more normal period of senility when the ovaries are left. Dr. George Gellhorn (27) : Cystic degeneration Vigora Price of the retained ovaries is usual. There have been adhesions around the ovary, or where the tunica Vigora 5000 albuginea shows thickening and smoothing out of the irregular folds of the surface, the saving of the ovarv is a mistake. Without the uterus even Buy Vigora a FOWLER: CERVICAL LACERATION. 715 normal ovary soon becomes airophic. The symp- toms of artificial menopause are greatly amelior- ated by the administration of ovarian substance or corpus kiteum extract. A radical rather than a sentimental attitude now influences me. Dr. B. C. Hirst (28) : If the woman is ap- Fig. 2. — Anterolateral \ieu sliuwing ttic King gia^s rod protrud- ing from the external os, traversing the laceration and entering the internal os, and the tear Order Vigora extending through the anterior lip and across the cervical canal, with tnargins widely separated by the short rod. (The specimen is somewhat distorted by the fixing solution.) proaching the menopause I remove the ovaries. If she is Vigora Tablets younger I prefer leaving them on condition that I do not remove the tubes or interfere with the circulation of the broad ligament; otherwise I would prefer removing them as cystic degeneration would probably occur. Dr. C. Jeft' Miller (29) : I retain normal ova- Buy Vigora Online ries in hysterectom}- if the patient is under forty Vigora Oil years of age. The ovarian circulation is carefully guarded because, if the ovarian vessels are tied cystic changes so commonly occur that it is best to remove the ovary. I am unable to determine, how- ever, that the menopausal symptoms have been greatly reduced by retention of the ovaries. Dr. Reuben Peterson (30) : "I always retain one or both normal ovaries after a Vigora 50 hysterectomy, whether it is supravaginal or panhysterectomy. I am firmly convinced that the patients suffer less from the effects of the menopause if this practice is followed." Dr. G. W. Roberts (31) : I have been remov- ing troublesome tubes and ovaries from patients wlio had had the uterus removed at previous opera- tions for the past twenty years. If I do anything which destroys the ability of the pelvic organs of a woman to function I make a clean sweep down to the internal os uteri, unless definitely com- manded by the Vigora 100 patient not to do so. Dr. Arnold Sturmdorf (32) : I always remove ovaries and tubes when performing a hysterectomy. Some of my reasons are that the ovaries and tubes present links in the reproductive chain of organs. Removal of the uterus breaks the chain by destroy- ing an essential link. We find the surgical climac- teric as pronounced in the cases in which the ova- ries are preserved. Preservation of the ovaries after hysterectomy is a delusion, inasmuch as Vigora 100 Tablets their arterial supply is cut off more or less completely. Ovaries left behind usually undergo various forms of degeneration, some of which are productive of symptoms that demand secondary removal. All ar- guments in favor of preserving the ovaries are based upon a purely theoretical idealism and senti- ment. Dr. Howard C. Taylor {ii) : If the ovary is not removed and the tube is normal I retain the tube also as by doing so there is less chance of in- terfering with the blood supply of the ovary. Be- yond the age of forty-five I make little or no ef- fort to retain the ovary. Under the age of thirty- five I make every effort to do so. Between these ages, if Cheap Vigora the patient Generic Vigora is inclined to be fat, it is an ad- ditional reason for saving the ovaries. In general I am sure that I make less effort to retain the ova-

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