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HEINEBERG: DISEASES OF THE CERVIX. 707 result of spontaneous abortion in the twelfth week of gestation, two years after a high cervical ampu- tation. She had undergone three normal preg- nancies prior to the operation. About a year fol- lowing the abortion I was Trental 100 Mg asked to see her again Fig. 1. — Introduction Purchase Trental of sutur the modified Bonney suture. by her physician, and found her in the tenth week of gestation with evidences of another threatened abortion, and it was only by enforced Pentoxifylline Trental rest in bed for a number of weeks that Trental Price we were able to insure the continuation of the pregnancy. Leonard ( 1 ) has reported abortion Trental Online or premature Buy Trental labor in fifty-iive per cent, of the pregnancies oc- curing in women whose records could be traced after amputation of the cervix in Johns Hopkins Hospital. Stenosis of the cervical canal produced by a dense ring of scar tissue formed along the edges of the flaps may obstruct the flow of Trental Mg menstrual discharge and be the cause of dysmenorrhea. Such a cicatricial ring may produce a prolonged and ex- hausting labor and uterine dystocia because of the inability of the cervix to dilate properly. Indeed in some instances the cicatrix may refuse to dilate sufficiently to permit the passage of the fetus. Leon- ard found that Buy Trental Online in nearly seventy per cent, of the cases of amputation of the cervix the patients subse- quently had difficult labor. In two patients I was forced to make bilateral incisions in such a cicatrix to insure complete dilatation of the cervix and per- mit the progress of the fetus through the birth canal. In addition to the unsatisfactory results thus far considered, failure to produce pleasing cosmetic effects by the usual method of suturing the flaps in the high Schroeder amputation of Trental Cost the cervix has induced me to seek and finally adopt measures which have served to overcome the objectionable features of the older operations. These I shall describe later on. No method of operation, however, will diminish the necessity for Generic Trental high amputation of the cervix in cases of extensive hypertrophy and erosion, because an operation which does not remove all of the path- "logical tissue, especially the eroded surface, is only partially successful. Any part of the erosion which is allowed to remain will continue to discharge and in time spread over the adjacent Trental Indications surface of the re- paired cervix and thus lessen the benefit which the operation should have afforded. In Purchase Trental Online so far then a/ amputation of the cervix is concerned, the follow ing possibilities always may confront us : a, stenosiv of the canal ; b, permanent dilatation of Order Trental Online the internal OS, and, c, failure resulting from insufficient removal of diseased tissue. Since the amount of cervical tissue Trental 400 to be removed must be controlled by the extent of the erosion, en- docervicitis and hypertrophy, it would seem advis- able to reduce these pathological changes, if possible, by other methods of treatment in order to limit the extent of the amputation or to abolish the necessity for its performance. Emmet and others of the older operators recognized the advisability of such procedure, but its practice has been neglected in re- cent years, much to the detriment of the patient. It has been my practice in the last three years to subject all patients suiTering from a combination of erosion, endocervicitis, laceration and h}'pertrophy of the cervix to a method of treatment found to be uniformly successful in restoring the cervix to a healthy state before operation. In Trental Generic many instances operations have been avoided on cervices which would formerly have been subjected to Buy Cheap Trental high Order Trental Trental Tablets ampu- tation. It is the method employed in producing these results that I want p)articularly to describe. The secret of success lies in the preparation of Fig. 2. — Sutures in the cervical wall at the edge of the Trental Injection internali flap.

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