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mechanism of the body is of secondary importance. It is quite credible that the nerves are only the keys or instruments which are played upon by more dominant agents in the form of the endocrine glands. In comparison with men, women are said to be peculiarly nervous. Would it not be more accurate to say that on account of the undoubted instability of their internal glandular equipment women are peculiarly endocrinous? Whether this theory be true or not there is no doubt whatever that the gynecologist accomplishes more accurate results if he estimates synthroid levothyroxine buy synthroid his nervous patients from an endocrinological rather than from a purely neuro- logical viewpoint. THE OVARIES. The synthroid price second part of this paper deals synthroid online primarily with the histogenesis of the secreting cells of the ovary and is synthroid mcg presented with the hope of pointing out some practical synthroid cheap lessons that may be gained thereby. It has been asserted synthroid tablets and is more or less generally believed that the ovary is a compound secreting gland with at least two systems of secret- ing cĀ°lls, analogous in that respect to the hypophysis and adrenals. generic synthroid Thus the hypophysis as a whole is composed of two very distinct parts which differ in their histogenesis, their effects on the body under the influence of disease and in the specific action of their respective internal secretions. The pos- terior lobe is nervous, or ectodermic in origin. Early disease of the lobe produces a dwarfish in- dividual. Extract of the lobe, commonly called pituitrin, exerts an influence on the autonomic nervous system and is efficacious in the treatment of atonic conditions of the smooth muscles synthroid mg of the bladder, intestines, and uterus. The anterior lobe on the other hand, is glandular, hence mesodermal in origin. Early disease produces giantism, while extracts of the lobe affect chiefly the sexual system. In like manner the adrenals are made up of two separate tissue structures, which are so distinct in their anatomical and physiological characteristics that they may properly be regarded as different organs, that happen to have developed in juxtapo- sition. The order synthroid online medulla 'has a common ectodermal origin with the sympathetic nervous system, from which it becomes separated during the process of embryonic evolution. The medullary cells are not only contained within the cortex of the adrenal body but are scattered along the sympathetic buy cheap synthroid nerves or ganglia in isolated bodies. The intimate recipro- cal association of the sympathetic and medullary systems we have already mentioned in our discus- sion of the influence on the emotions of adrenalin, the specific secretion of the medullary cells. The cortical cells of the adrenals, on the cost of synthroid other hand, are mesodermal in origin and are intimately related to the cells that compose the ovary. They spring from the same peritoneal layer from which the ovaries take their origin. The cortical cells where to buy synthroid resemble the cells of the corpus luteum order synthroid so closely that attempts have been made to establish some sort of identity between them. As in the case with the adrenal medulla, the cortical cells are not confined synthroid buy online to the adrenal body, but are synthroid cost found scattered along the track traveled by the ovary in its descent into the pelvis. Physiologically the internal secretory function purchase synthroid online is sexual, though comparatively little is known of its action. Reasoning by analogy to the hypophysis and ad- renals some have purchase synthroid made the claim that the ovary is also a double functionating organ, the two sources of secretion being ascribed to the corpus luteum or follicle apparatus on the one hand and the ovarian stroma on the other. A study of the histogenesis and development of the cells that compose the ovarian tissue dispels the notion of a close analogy between the ovary and the other two glands men- tioned, for it can be shown from an embryological viewpoint that the ovary is a single homogeneous organ and that the differences that exist between the various cell elements are due to a process of differ- entiation during the development of cells that have a common origin. A detailed description of the his- tological development of the ovary can only be re- ferred to in briefest outline. The ovaries are developed in the peritoneum and from the peritoneum. Their primary growth is characterized by a thickening in the peritoneal mem- brane due to a localized multiplication and change in form of the peritoneal cells. These cells con- stitute what is known as the germinal epithelium. The ovaries, at first simple thickened ridges in the peritoneum, attain their fusiform price of synthroid contour by a downgrowth of the germinal epithelium, into the subperitoneal connective tissue. The germinal epithelium possesses a wonderful power of differentiation and growth. Owing to the researches of Allen, Macllroy, Goodall, and others it is now known that all the inherent cell 700

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