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You will doubtless agree that the condition popu- larly called nervousness is, irrespective of its cause, an emotional state, and that this emotional state is always associated with certain physiological body buy ivermectin changes whether the inciting cause of the emotion be some acute mental excitement or a chronic physical disability, or a subconscious mental repression. In order to understand this statement fully it is necessary to have in mind a clear conception of the term emotion. Emotions cheap stromectol were formerly regarded as purely mental states which gave rise to specific bodily ex- pressions, as for example, anger, fear, joy, and many others. It was common to regard them as definite psychic attributes, component parts, as it were, of our mental equipment, just as our organs of sense or limbs are parts of our physical ap- Copyright, 1920, scabies stromectol by A. R. Elliott Publishing Company. 698 GRAJ'ES: EXDOCR/XOLOCV IX GVXECOLOGV Medical Journal. paratus. William James was perhaps the first to emphasize the idea that emotions are not them- selves psychic states but are physical sensations re- sulting from actual bodily changes. Thus he says that "our feeling of the bodily changes that ensue after the perception of an exciting fact is the emo- tion" and invites us to imagine ourselves as being angry, for example, from a purely intellectual view- point, eliminating entirely our stromectol online bodily sensations. James, unfortunately, knew little of the glands of internal secretion, and therefore was unable to describe completely the physiology of those bodily changes to stromectol purchase which he referred in his description of the emotions. His theory of the emotions, how- ever, has received remarkable confirmation generic stromectol from the researches of scientific physiology. Animal ex- perimentation stromectol 3 mg has shown that during emotional ex- citement such as that induced by fear, anger, pain and hunger, there is a markedly increased produc- tion and absorption in order stromectol online the blood of adrenalin. Cannon has demonstrated the reciprocating action between adrenalin and the sympathetic nervous system, by which certain bodily changes stromectol buy such as an increase of respiration and pulse beat, inhibition of the digestive secretions and an increase in the pro- duction of adrenalin are maintained during emotional states. He has proved that the action of adrenalin on the general organism when artificially intro- duced into the circulation is precisely that of the sympathetic nerves. In other words, the sympa- thetic system provides the organism with a material which by its presence in the blood automatically prolongs the effects which the stimulated nerves initiated. This reciprocating mechanism, as Cannon states, is undoubtedly a provision of nature to stimulate the organism to a higher degree of motor activity for combat and defense. It may readily be imag- ined, however, that these bodily changes which are of immense benefit to the individual in a temporary crisis, may under the influence of constant stimula- tion become a serious detriment to health. And this is precisely what happens in the ivermectin stromectol case of the neurotic in whom some unremitting physical or mental irritation maintains a state of continuous emotional excitement. The scientific discoveries of the physiologists in- troduces into psychology a new factor of great in- terest since they prove beyond dispute the stromectol uk influence on the organism dtiring emotion, not only of the sympathetic system of buy cheap ivermectin nerves, but also of the glands of internal secretion. Accurate experimentation has been carried out along these lines buy stromectol online chiefly stromectol for lice with the secretion of the adrenal gland. Nevertheless from our knowledge of the intimate interrelation- ship that stromectol price exists between all the endocrines it is entirely probable order stromectol that the adrenal gland is not stromectol canada the only one that takes part in producing the sensa- tions of stromectol for scabies the emotional states. In fact this is suffi- ciently evident from the observation of patients who suffer from diseases of the internal secretory glands, examples buy cheap stromectol of which are the emotional ex- citability of persons with organic hyperthyroidism, and the mental dulness of those afTected by the opposite condition, the exaltation of the bodily and mental functions seen in those with early pituitary disease, and the premature decay of the same functions as the disease progresses, and finally the marked dispositional changes in those who have

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