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AoL. ex II. No. 1! NEW YORK. SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 6. 1920. Whole No. 21SS. Original Communications THE ENDOCRINES IN GYNECOLOGY. By William P. Gr.\ves, M. D., cheap generic strattera Boston, Professor of Gynecology, Harvard University, In writing a paper on the endocrines in gynec- ology I am confronted with two ahernatives, one of which is to prepare a general review of the cheapest price strattera sub- ject ; the other is to confine myself to those phases z^ of it to which my personal interest and work have ^ been especially directed. A comprehensive pres- 2 entation of the entire subject in a brief review is a » difficult task, and one which has been so notably ^ well performed in a recent article by strattera 40 mg street price Dr. Handler, that I feel that any strattera prescription price attempt at repetition on my part would be of little value. I shall, therefore, restrict myself to a discussion in some detail of two topics which have seemed to me to get strattera cheaper buy strattera online cheap be of especial importance in gynecological endocrinology. They are, first, the relationship of the endocrines to the specific neuroses of patients suffering from pelvic disease ; and, secondly, the histogenesis and func- tion of the internal secreting cells of the ovary. THE NEUROSES. • No one can practise the science of gynecology long without becoming strattera cost 40 mg impressed with the extreme importance of the nervous element in the symp- tomatology of his patients. In order to give some definite figures to illustrate this point I have re- viewed the consecutive histories of one thousand private patients strattera 25 mg street price and find that in cheapest strattera online 837 or 84 per cent, nervousness is a more or less serious part of their complaints. In a considerable nimiber of cases it appears as the most prominent symptom, for which the patient seeks relief. Although in employing the term nervousness one is dealing with a very loose expression, neverthe- less popular usage, both among the laity and the profession, has confined its meaning to rather def- cheapest strattera inite limits. Thus a patient who states that she is extremely nervous is describing a symptom that to her is entirely specific, and one strattera costs without insurance which to the physician is perfectly intelligible. To the term nervousness, however, it is almost impossible to give a strict definition on accoimt of its well nigh limitless manifestations. We are, in the present discussion, not so much do you need prescription strattera concerned with the various phases of nervousness as with the imderlying con- ditions that cause it. We shall use the expression in its popular sense and direct our cheaper alternatives to strattera attention only to those cases in which the symptom nervous- ness may be strattera price australia regarded as a functional disturbance. We shall leave out of the discussion altogether those cases in which the nervous symptoms indicate some essential mental deviation. Functional nervousness may be constitutional or acquired. By constitutional we mean a neurotic habit which is either the result of an unstable nerv- ous inheritance, or one which has been fixed dur- ing childhood, or one in which both factors have played a part. By an acquired neurosis we mean one which, appearing after the complete formation of character, may be referred to some intercurrent physical disability, such, for example, as a pelvic lesion. The excellent work of the psychoanalyst^ has tatight -us much concerning the cheaper alternative strattera constitutional neuroses. From Freud we have become acquainted with the great field of unconscious thought, and learned the influence of childhood fixations on can i buy strattera online fu- ture character. Sidis, though not a psychoanalyst, has demonstrated the importance of fear in the production of neuroses. Adler has traced the neurotic constitution to the sense of inferiority in- duced by congenitally deficient organs. The psychoanalysts, however, have paid little attention to order strattera online canada the specifically acquired neuroses that are of especial interest to the gynecologist, nor have they given due consideration to the important role played by the internal secretions in all emotional and affective states. The gynecologist is therefore thrown to some extent cheapest place buy strattera on his own resources in estimating the cause, character and therapeutics of those neurotic conditions which he much does strattera cost canada as a specialist is called upon to treat.

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