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Operations. — P. Bazy (Bulletin de cheap seroquel rAcadeinie de inedecine, June 1, 1920) reports a case in which convulsive seizures simulating epilepsy disappeared after an operation for appendicitis in a young man eighteen years of age. The manner in which the convulsions were relieved is believed to have been similar to that in cheap seroquel no prescription which convulsive seizures in an- other }oung man who had been taking a too exclu- sive meat diet disappeared when a more vegetarian diet was prescribed. seroquel cost per pill Two cases of convulsions accompanying undescended testicle are also reported, in which relief occurred after operation for seroquel cost usa the testicular malposition. Such convulsions are not, buy seroquel no prescription of course, to be held as manifestations of actual epi- lepsy, even if preceded by an aura. In one of the cases of testicular ectopy referred to, pain at the site of the misplaced organ was a distinct feature. 692 /•A'JC77(-.//. Tur.R.wnrTics .ixn prfj-extij'e medicixe. Action of Gum Acacia on the Circulation. — W. M. Havliss [Journal of Flianiiacology and Ilxpcrinu-ntal Therapeutics. March. 1920) found, in extensive experimental work, that a sohitii)n of gum acacia of six to seven per cent, in 0.9 per cent, sodium chloride solution is capaljle of effectively replacing l)lood lost, unless the loss exceeds seventy- five per cent, of the hlood volume. Hence its use in hemorrhage due to various causes. Its effect is due to the fact that the hlood ves.sels are imper- meahle to colloids, so that their osmotic pressure is eflfective in retaining within the circulation the solution injected. It has no chemical or drug like action anil can he used m large (|uantities. It can also he used with Ijenefit when the hlood buy seroquel uk volume is reduced owing to removal of a part of the hlood from effective circulation hy stagnation in the capil- laries, as in wound shock and traumatic to.xemia. In such cases, its jirimary ohject is buy seroquel online uk to maintain a normal circulation until the to.xic products are elim- inated from the blood, while the hlood out of circu- lation is restored to use. Wlien fluid has escaped from the hlood owing to the capillaries liecoming ])enneable to colloids, as in the action of tissue to.xins, buy seroquel online canada gum saline restores tlie normal state pro- vided -the morl)id condition has not lasted too long; if it has, even Ijlood transfusion is of no avail. When the blood has become concentrated by loss of fluid from the liody, gum saline is more effective than saline solution alone, even if hypertonic, since it is not so rapidly lost from the circulation. Gum saline has also jjroved of seroquel cost comparison value in to.xic anemia, e. g., in blackwater fever. Neither buy seroquel online cheap gum nor Ijlood transfusion has any permanent effect when the Ijlood vessels are deprived of control by the vaso- motor centres. Gitm acacia does not prodtice ana- phylaxis nor hemolysis. It does not agglutinate the blood corpuscles in man. The Phenolsulphonephthalein buy seroquel online no prescription Test and the Nonprotein Nitrogen seroquel cost of the Blood in Chronic Nephritis. Reginald Fitz ( Ihistau Mcdicai and Surgical Journal. August 26, 1920) presents the following conclusions : The phenolsulphonephtha- lein test and the nonprotein nitrogen cheap seroquel online concentration of the blood are two tests for kidney function which are being generally used for the diagnosis, prog- nosis, and treatment of chronic nephritis. cheap alternative seroquel These tests are not of obvious value in the diagnosis of chronic nephritis, as they do not point out the presence of any specific pathological type of lesion in the kidney and do not demonstrate the presence of kidney disease in the alisence seroquel cost australia of purchase seroquel xr common phys- ical signs. From a pathological point cheap seroquel xr of view there are two common types of chronic nephritis. The essential lesions of chronic glomerulonephritis are seroquel cost canada found in the glomeruli and of arteriosclerotic ne- phritis in the smaller renal vessels. Clinically both types of chronic nephritis are usually associated with cardiac hypertrophy, increased blood pressure and eye ground changes, and with a urine which contains albumin, blood, casts, or leucocytes. Both types of disease are chronic and slowly progressive. Chronic glomerulonephritis is a disease of young- people. Arteriosclerotic nephritis may appear in young people, but is more often found in older people. The clinical differentiation of these types docs not depend upon studies in renal function, but upon careful history taking and routine physical examination. As the seroquel cost without insurance le.sions of chronic nephritis advance, the phenolsulphonephthalein excretion diminishes' and the nonprotein nitrogen concentra- tion of the blood increases. At present, however, a single observation with these tests gives less prog- nostic information than does careful clinical exam- ination. The present treatment of chronic nephritis is largely empirical. The phenolsulphonephthalein test and the nonprotein nitrogen concentration of the blood offer means by which physiological meth- ods may be applied to the clinical study of individual cases. Unless the technic of these tests is properly-

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