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dusty were the scientific paths made in the last cen- tury. True, it was a robaxin 75 mg century of magnificent works, high priced, finely illustrated, but the average stu- dent could not get these, and the writings were above the comprehension of beginners. There were a few dull volumes in schools sparsely illustrated, but none on biology, so it can be imagined that the hook before us would have been eagerly welcomed not only by teachers but by pupils. One great merit is that nothing is left unexplained on the assumption that everyone knows it, and there are excellent references for those who care to know more, as well as Practical Applications, Laboratory Work, Summaries, Questions and Home Work. The first and second sections generic for robaxin are on animal and plant biology, followed by one on htmian biology and a summary and review of robaxin 550 mg general biology. Four hundred and thirty-nine illustrations enliven the way and the derivation of names makes the pupil feel more at home when using long words he comprehends. Nine portraits of men who have helped to smooth the biological path and coax the world to consider its marvels are inserted. It robaxin high will makes youth more just, in judgment, for many in- sects, animals and plants hitherto deemed evil are shown to be useful and harmless. Naughty Jane, who used to kill flies in our reading primers, is no longer called cruel ; the fear of every snake is proved to be senseless. The chapter on forestry robaxin 500 and preservation of woods is specially useful to- day. Community life as seen in nature and among 690 BOOK REVIEWS. [New York Medical Journal. men. environment, heredity, and variation are also considered and jnit into simple robaxin 750 mg language. robaxin 750 It is only a guess, robaxin 500 mg muscle relaxer but the author may be imagined to have wanted to know things in his boyhood and to have had no answers from his elders ; hence his anxious effort to make all things clear, in wliich he certainly has succeeded. AN ASSORTMENT OF HEALTH. J-h-iillli and Social Progress. By Rudolph M. Binder, Pli. D., Professor of Sociology, New York University. New York: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1920. Pp. i-29S. Take the obverse of the title, 111 Health as an Obstacle to Social Progress, and you would come nearer the correct one robaxin mg for Doctor Binder's book. It is easy to imagine that in his researches the cjuestion of disease was a more fertile field than that of health. But the author is an optimist. He will drench you with horrible statistics, robaxin canada then cheer you up with Pasteur and Lister, Reed and Gorgas. His health researches leave no corner of the earth un- touched, no peoples, ancient or modern, uncriticized. Ill Health and the Classical World; Health and tlie Tropics ; Health and World Progress, these purchase robaxin •chapters give some idea of the ground robaxin 1000 mg he has trod- den. His book has a wonderful amount of informa- tion, the result, generic robaxin evidently, robaxin 500 mg of much study, yet it is suggestive of a big exhibition, not quite ready. There is an accumulation of interesting facts which leisure, or lack of power, has failed to arrange in comprehensive order, and the author resembles an eager host, newly returned from robaxin generic a voyage, who urges fresh treasures upon his guest before he has given due attention to those he is admiring. The portion on health and other conditions in cities merits great robaxin generic name consideration, and he winds up robaxin euphoria op- timistically with reference to the splendid work done bv liureaus of research, amalgamation of effort, and private benevolence to prepare a fit highway for the goddess of health. AN UNACADEMIC CRITIC. Reputations. Essays in Criticism. By Douglas Goldring. New York: Thomas Seltzer, 1920. Pp. vii-232. Reputations are more easily made than demolished ■ — unfortunately. The aroma of success lingers; ■"lost leaders" are not really lost as soon as they should be. For this reason Douglas Goldring's book should be welcomed by those who wish to do away with false gods. Mr. Goldring has set "his face against all forms robaxin 500mg tablets of tawdriness in art — not only commercialism but the more insidious sins of respectability and middleagedness. H. G. VVells suffers as well as Compton Mackenzie. It is a glorious slaughter — and there is robaxin brand name not an epigram in it! Reputations opens in a noncommittal vein with an appreciation of James Elroy Flecker. Then the author proceeds to evaluate three Georgian novelists — Compton Mackenzie, Hugh Walpole, and Gilbert

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