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MIND ENERGY. Mind Energy. Lectures and Essays. By Henri Bergson, Risperdal Price Member of the French Academy. Professor in the Col- lege de France. Translated by H. Wildon Carr, Hon. D. Litt., Professor in the University of London. New York: Henry Holt & Co., 1920. Pp. x-262. "I have sometimes asked myself what would have happened if modern Cheap Risperdal science . . . instead of bringing all its forces to converge on the study of matter, had begun by the consideration of mind — if Kepler, Galileo and Newton, for example, had been psychologists. . . . The most general laws of mental activity once discovered . . . science would have passed from pure mind to life." Berg- son confesses Risperidone Mg to losing himself occasionally for a moment in such a dream to return nevertheless to the practical admission that it could not be other- wise than it is. Even if as much talent and genius had been expended upon mental phenomena as have been "consecrated to sciences of matter." Yet Risperdal Tablets some things would have Risperdal Mg been found wanting. These are the very intellectual qualities which have been developed through occupation with physical matters and which are quite indispensable as meth- ods of investigation in the mental realm. Bergson is too clear a thinker to proceed, even where the force of his genius Buy Risperdal Online directs him, without the preci- sion, exactness, certitude, to adopt his words, which have become the habit of material science. Berg- son is a guide whose vision may seem to alight Risperdal Online upon mountain peaks which appear imsubstantially above the clouds, but the confidence of the most cautious is assured by his truly scientific attitude. Stimu- lated by his daring penetration into certain discover- able facts of mind, we can with him "adventure without fear into the scarcely explored domain of psychical realities." His book Mind Energy is a series of lectures and articles given to the world from time to time. They represent the exercise of his thought upon certain often discussed questions regarding the mind, with that deeper entering into such questions which makes Bergson a stimulating leader in the science of mind study. He considers first Buy Risperdal the defi- nition, rather the nature of mind in its distinguish- ing manifestation, consciousness. This word does not mean here the mere point Generic Risperdal of ordinarily recog- nized awareness. It stands for the entire eflfort of the mind toward the future through the present, with the entire storing of the past in memory. He describes it as thus conserving all necessary mate- rial, and moving on creatively to the new in its relation to life and as opposed to matter. With the latter, however, it has its reaction. The discussion of Soul and Body, in another chapter, that of Brain and Thought, are extensions of such consideration. The study of the experiencing of phantasms and the relation of What Is Risperidone such a Risperdal Cost phenomenon to psychic matter yet Risperidone 1 Mg imestablished naturally follows the line of thought which the first essay introduces. So also does Order Risperdal the examination of the phenomenon Order Risperdal Online of false recogni- tion as contrasted with the ordinary process of memory, the sense of having ceitainly before ex- perienced the matter in question. The discussion of the phenomenon of memory brings forward those illuminating views upon memory and its serv- ice in the mental life in which Bergson has already shown himself an authoritative leader. His care- fully expressed reasoning gives therefore peculiar 1 Mg Risperidone interest to the chapter on Intellectual Effort, where he gives a detailed exposition of the thought pro- cess and the sense of effort accompanying it. For in this he shows the method by which thought pro- ceeds not only by darting forward under the in- spiration of memory images, but Purchase Risperdal Online also by working backward among these images for substantiation and adjustment in the mental life already there. The chapter on Dreams is not a recent enough one to add much that is new. It represents an en- trance into the conception of dreams which is grow- ing in acceptance, and forms part of the Purchase Risperdal frame- work Buy Cheap Risperdal on which Freud's theory rests. A reference to dreams in the chapter on False Recognition re- veals even better than the special chapter Bergson's vital appreciation of dream phenomenon. Bergson is a writer of rare power. His force- fulness is expressed in pregnant words which an- swer to his intuitive grasp of facts. At the same time he submits these visions of his to careful logical as well as observational testing. There is therefor^ no page of this small book that is not stimulating to thought. One need not follow him implicitly, not even to await the verification of some things which he claims as "probabilities," but one cannot fail to be roused at least to active question- ing and quickened toward the mental processes of life. HIGH SCHOOL BIOLOGY. Biology for High Schools. By W. M. Smaixwood, Ida L. Revelev, and Guv Risperidone 1 A. Bailev. Illustrated. New York : Allyn & Bacon, 1920. Pp. .x.xi-590. Men under thirty can hardly realize how dull and

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