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THE NERVOUS COW. buy generic prozac no prescription little realized by the laity how nuich the health of animals affect.= our own, nor how much is being done in the veterinary world on this ac- count. There is the question prozac price ireland of abortion in cows and its relation to human mothers, of tuberculosis as affecting everyone, and, greatest of all, the dis- tribution of pasteurized milk unfreed by protection against subsequent cont.'imination. There is prozac cost per pill even published a large veterinary dentistry, but it is not difficult to imagine that prozac cost uk buy prozac online no prescription needed a bull or generic prozac no prescription a horse would require some patient handling when toothache set in. One veterinary has had a cow suffering from nervous shock. She could not bear anyone near her, and walked with a stiff, irregular gait, making the motions of stepping over an obstacle before she came to it. Sodium cacodylate and restful solitude in a darkened stall led to a complete cure. It is purchase prozac rather diflicult to believe, but pigs also are delicate, nervous animals, and require more care than cows. PREMATURE BURIAL. Every year gloomy little articles are issued, con- cerning the burying of the living and advising the dead to have prozac discount coupons their veins opened and various other devices are suggested to ascertain their buy prozac online no prescription real condi- tion. Out in Akron, Ohio, one William Wirt found himself on a memorial tablet erected to those who had died in France. He says there are nearly two thousand so commemorated in different States who iiave since been traced as living. He suggests start- ing a Club of Dead Men. Perhaps he means a hermitage where they could forget the world and be forgotten by it. These soldiers have been officially declared dead. How does the law stand? 686 NEWS ITEMS. N ews Items. A Vaccination Campaign in New York. — Dur- ing buy prozac online no prescription canada the month of September 25,453 vaccinations were performed in Greater New York by medical inspectors of the health department, compared with 12,029 during August. Tuberculosis Clinics in Ontario County. buy prozac uk — Un- der the joint auspices of the Ontario County Tu- berculosis Committee and the Geneva Health Bureau a monthly tuberculosis clinic has been established in Geneva. Up to the middle of August a total of 117 patients had been examined. Hospital at St. Mihiel to Be War Memorial. — Cooperating with the French Government, prozac price without insurance the jun- ior section of the American Red Cross .Society will finance the erection and operation of a hospital for children at St. Mihiel, France, in memory of the great American battle effort of the war. The Length of generic prozac price Human Life. — The average du- ration of life in India is less than 25 years. In Sweden it is over 50 years; in Massachusetts, 45 buy prozac canada years; in Denmark it is 51.17; in France, 47.4; in England and Wales, 45.9; in Italy, 42.9, and in Prussia, 42.8. In Geneva, where records are avail- able for the past three centuries, the sixteenth cen- tury showed a life span of 21.2 years, the seven- teenth century showed 25.7 years, the prozac price per pill eighteenth, 33.6 years, and the nineteenth, 39.7 years. New Qiaarters for Health Department Venereal Disease Clinic. — The Department of Health of the City of New York announces the removal of its Manhattan Venereal Disease Clinic to the depart- ment headquarters at 505 Pearl street. This clinic was established in compliance with the State vene- real disease law and is generic prozac intended for those who can- not afford to pay the charges made prozac purchase uk by dispensaries. The medical profession is invited to refer to purchase generic prozac this clinic such patients as are believed to discount prozac be suitable for free treatment. Civil Service Examination for Anatomist. — — The United .States Civil Service Commission an-

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