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be hoped that this knowledge will be developed so successfully that it will be put to the best use in in- dustrial medical practice. There is a wide scope for electrotherapeutics in this field. PHVSICI.AX-AUTHORS: DR. WILLIAM HENRY DRUMMOND. There are two predominating groups of people in the eastern provinces of Canada, the English and the French, and there are remote historical reasons, taking us back to the days of New France, why these two groups have not been wholly in political and social harmony, despite the fact that for so many decades they have been fellow countrymen sharing the advantages and the burdens of a great and growing dominion. Today, however, these two great groups are more nearly in sympathetic touch with one another than ever before. A number of con- buy proventil tributing factors have brought about this spirit of concord, and Canadians of both groups agree that not the least of these factors was a big, warm heart- ed, whole souled Irish physician who, in odd mo- ments of leisure when his practice was not too pressing, found time and inspiration to wield his pen for the entertainment of his family and friends. This man was Dr. William Henry Drummond, of Toronto, Ontario. Poetry was Dr. Druniniond's medium, and by means of it he interpreted with a kindly sympathy, a tender pathos and an inimitable humor the simple life and characteristics of the habitants of On- tario and Quebec. It was the first time the French- Canadian farmer had been utilized as a literary fig- ure, except when some ribald scribbler poked fun at him and his patois. French-Canadians were in- clined to resent Drummond's poetical effusions at first. They glanced at them without reading and as- sumed that they were merely another attempt to make a laughing stock of the simple minded habi- tant. But after proair proventil they had been induced to read them, and realized that here was a sincere attempt to pre- sent the habitant in a clean and pleasing way, their praise knew buy proventil online no bounds, and today there are no great- proventil coupons proventil hfa coupon er admirers of Dr. Drummond's poetry than the French-Canadian element. In the preface to his first volume, The Habitant, he says: proventil inhaler "Having lived practically all my life side by side with the French-Canadian people, I have grown to love and admire them, and I have felt that while many of the English speaking people know, perhaps as proventil nebulizer well as myself, the French-Can- adians of the cities, yet they have had little oppor- tunity to become acquainted with the habitant, therefore I have endeavored to paint a few types, and in doing this it has seemed to me that I could best attain the object in view by having my friends tell their own tales in their own way, as they would relate them to English speaking ventolin proventil auditors not con- versant with the French tongue." proventil cost This was the spirit, then, which served to bring the two racial divisions of The Lady of the Snows a step or two nearer a friendly fellow feeling. The good spirit and tempered delicacy Dr. Drummond displayed proventil albuterol in the treatment of the habitants created an equally ])leasing impression in the English speaking world. The Habitant was followed by three other volumes of French-Canadian poems — The Voyageur, Johnny Coitrtcan and The Great Fight. These four vol- umes had a vogue in proventil 90 mcg their day that was almost unparalleled in the history of modern verse, not only in Canada but proventil mdi in order proventil England and the United States as well. They still have a steady sale in Canada. If Canadian literature were of maturer develop- ment perhaps Drummond's poetry would in time pass proventil coupon into oblivion, for it is not great poetry. But Canadian literature is still in its infancy and this man's work seems assured of perpetuity because, as Dr. Louis Frechette, the Poet Laureate of Canada, has said, "he was a new pathfinder in the land of song." Dr. Drummond was born on April 13, 1854, in County Leitrim, Ireland, and passed proventil inhaler coupon his boyhood in the village of Tawley, near the Bay of Donegal. When he was ten years old the family removed to Canada, and shortly thereafter the father died. Being the eldest son, young Drummond had to set about finding ways to help his widowed mother, and so proventil hfa inhaler he learned telegraphy. He became a full fledged telegrapher in the lumber camp village of Bord-a- Ploufife, on the River des Prairies, and there came into contact with those voyageurs and proventil inhalers habitants whom he later wove into coupon for proventil his poems. The songs they sang gave to his style its mould and spirit. His poems are, for the most part, proventil price merely metrical renditions of their quaint tales of backwood life. Af- ter a few years of work he was able to attend McGill University, and later Bishop's Medical College, where he got his medical degree in 1884. His first medical work was as house surgeon at the Western Hospital in Montreal, and subsequently he took up the prac- tice of medicine in the little village of Stornoway, near Lake Megantic. After two years there and two more at the village of Knowlton he returned to

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