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in American circles at the present time. But as a result of compulsory notification laws the disease, though perhaps making alarming strides forward, would apparently be diminishing, according Prilosec Buy to the reports of our public health authorities. Again by October 30, 1920.] SHAPIRO: NEW INSTRUMENT FOR SIMPLIFYING TONSILLECTOMY 681 a government inquiry the public should be officially informed of the real dangers of these diseases and the comparative values of prophylactic measures. For example, if the following queries were taken up at such an inquiry, Prilosec Omeprazole under the subjoined Online Prilosec heads, Prilosec Mg as bearing on the Parisian scandal, they would be productive of the most valuable results to our peo- ple at large. The topics to be Omeprazole Prilosec taken What Is Prilosec up might be : 1. Prilosec 20 Could public women in France have been suc- cessfully quarantined ? 2. Could not the danger of contagion have been prevented by the withholding of passes, by the mili- tary or Prilosec Cheap naval authorities? 3. Is abstinence harmful to men or women? 4. Is not the public Buy Prilosec woman the source of the greatest danger? 5. Is the furnishing of public women by socio- logical associations with prophylactic packets a safe procedure, or a moral one? 6. What is really the ratio of effectiveness by the prophylactic measures pursued in military and navy circles ? Certainly if we joined the League of Nations as at present Prilosec Purchase constituted, w-ould we not be expected, to at Order Prilosec least give tacit consent to the maintenance and regulations of military brothels, such as have been in operation recently, and probably are now, under the guise of military necessities. Now while the statements I have made in this paper, based on the reports of government ofTficials, will probably be accepted as true by the medical profession at large, we need not expect they will be Cheap Prilosec accepted by all of the sociological 20 Mg Prilosec workers who have visited the areas referred to. Otc Prilosec This attitude on their part, which has already been observed by the writer, was to have been expected, and Coupon Prilosec for various reasons. In many instances the men and women sent over to supervise Prilosec Online the work of their associations or gather material for home consumption, were either ignorant of foreign languages or of the nature of the diseases, or otherwise unqualified ; or they thought it unpatriotic to tell of unpleasant conditions noted in their work. This remark applies to the clergy as well as to the laity employed in such mis- sions. We may, therefore, expect no help from any of them unless it can be shown that now we require the truth, and it is pseudopatriotic for them to withhold it. But, after all, prophylaxis in venereal diseases is essentially a medical problem and it is, therefore, most fitting that efforts to solve it should emanate from the medical profession. REFERENCES. 1. Journal A. M. A., April 24 and October 2, 1920; New York Medical Journal, October 9, 1920. Purchase Prilosec , 2. New York Medical Journal, June 12, 1920. 3. Riddell : Ibid, October 2, 1920. 4. Rout : Ibid, October 9. 1920. 5. Morel, E. D. : Daily Herald, London, April 10, l^O. 6. Journal of S\
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