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little risk." What a satisfactory statement for the inmates and patrons of brothels. Miss Rout's paper is called the Conquest of Venereal Disease. Might order priligy online it not quite as appropriately have been called. Pro- miscuous intercourse made comparatively safe by scientific methods ? Now assuming from Miss Rout's given title in her article that she priligy tablets is a New Zealander, and that the New Zealand troops in the war as a class were clean and healthy men, as they are reputed to have been, would not some of them nevertheless, under purchase priligy online the tutelage of Miss buy priligy Rout's associates who appear to have opened the door for them to comparatively safe proiuiscuous intercourse, have eventually become in- fected, provided their experiences were sufficiently large ? Certainly the prophylaxis as practised in military and naval life does not prevent infection so surely as vaccination against smallpox. In fact, Miss Rout asserts that prophylaxis is successful when properly applied in only two thirds of the cases, as shown by the returns of the American, Canadian, and Aus- tralian armies, as against the almost buy priligy online complete pro- tection claimed by Moore in his personal experi- ences. • Why lay so much stress on prophylaxis when all authorities agree that, except in accidental cases, abstinence is the onlj' practice that purchase priligy really prevents ; and medical men, in general, say it does no harm to men or women. I do not propose, however, to discuss the moral side of these prophylactic meas- ures; but will say that notwithstanding their use, it is shown that infection will occur sufficiently often to make immoral relations dangerous to one's life and health, and the individuals infected a menace to society. This statement cannot be confuted successfully. Even from the viewpoint of protection, such meas- ures will not stand the crucial dapoxetine india tests of actual condi- tions. Take life in Europe today, among civilians in the many cheap priligy localities where they are still bearing the burdens and sorrows of the war. Poverty and hun- ger, produced by embargoes on food for which Americans are to a large extent responsible, lack of work, and the high cost of living, with a currency depreciated by the results of the war, while thou- sands are kept alive simply by the generosity of a comparatively few philanthropic Americans make women and girls the easy prey of licentious soldiers, especially if they are Africans, armed with brief au- thority and backed by military officers who have neither fear of God nor man before their eyes. How can such a depraved condition of things be reme- died by lectures, posters, or any other form of pub- licity? Intelligent people know it cannot. Or is it to be supposed that where brothels were opened on the outskirts of our camps, during the late war, lectures or literature effectually restrained our youth. We know they did not. I am certain from personal experience at home and abroad that public prostitution, our greatest danger, in this regard can be controlled by the law. Public women, of course, have the greatest opportunities for producing infec- tion and are almost generic priligy certain to be infected sooner or later. To regulate by military or civil forces this feature of the case, therefore, would be the method most effective dapoxetine buy in results of any in the prophylaxis of venereal diseases. Therefore, let us first of all bend our efforts to suppressing the public traffic dapoxetine hydrochloride by the well known methods, which are siinple, efficient and economical, and let other methods, such as those I have described which are largely theoretical, expensive and ineffi- cient, if not in some cases immoral, have a secondary consideration. These facts can, however, be brought into a clearer light, if some of these scandalous practices that I have mentioned, buy cheap priligy whether interna- tional or national, are made themes of a Congres- sional inquiry. Fortunately we have at hand many high in Government circles who have had an op- dapoxetine in india portunity of witnessing some of the orgies I have described, in foreign lands. Their testimony might be most valuable ; indeed, we should recognize that Europe is the source of the venereal diseases that just now are threatening civilization. There are various reasons why an inquiry into this topic should emanate from online priligy the Government. The profession of medicine is, as a rule, fearful that under the pressure of outside influence laws will be introduced compelling them, on the witness stand, to violate tlie tenets of professional secrecy. Fear of it would prevent many of the laity from telling the truth about themselves. Moreover, inasmuch as venereal diseases prevail priligy price more or less extensively in the practice of every physician and surgeon, com- pulsory notification would remove a source of con- siderable revenue. Indeed dapoxetine online the patient might prefer to use nostrums to having his disease dapoxetine purchase exposed on the public records. priligy cost To be sure, if notification were made compulsory we may be quite certain physi- cians would not be likely to carry it out and public order priligy opinion would sustain theiu. In fact, compulsory notification could not be carried out successfully

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