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made a complete recovery and was in perfect health six months after the extraction. This case illus- splendid radiograph taken showed a dense shadow over the right lobe. Bronchoscopic examination was made and a fragment removed from the right stem bronchus. By suction several small frag- ments were removed and about a dram of foul smelling pus evacuated from the lower lobe bron- chus. After having methotrexate india worked for fifteen minutes the procedure was discontinued. There was consider- able reaction methotrexate 7.5 mg following the bronchoscopic examina- tion and the temperature rose to 104.2°. The pulse and respiration were rapid. A physical examina- tion made at this time showed that there was a diffuse bronchitis and pneumonia over the lower lobe of the right lung. Posteriorly there was no air entering. Three days later a second bronchoscopic examination was made with a four mm. tube and the dorsal branch of the lower lobe bronchus explored. Xo methotrexate 17.5 mg fragments of peanut were removed, but some pus was evacuated. From this time on the child began to nm a septic temperature. The methotrexate usp left lower lobe was aspirated with a long needle and the abscess cavity located. Unfortunately a pulmonary abscess developed, owing to the failure to methotrexate b12 remove a small fragment which had entered a small dorsal branch bronchus. Later the abscess increased in size and a rib was resected. methotrexate rxlist This drained the abscess but the child did not improve. She continued to linger Fig. 25. — methotrexate pharmacology Fragmen XVII). trates the value of suction in removing small pieces of peanut from the lung. Had an attempt been made to remove all of the small fragments with forceps there would have been great danger of macerating them, and some of the tiny fragments would have been lost, and the result would methotrexate 2.5 mg tablet have Fig, 26. — Pieces of infectious mater lobe bronchus (Case XV^II). in this septic condition and succumbed six weeks later. C.'\SE XVII. Some fraginents of meat topical methotrexate removed from the right bronchus of a boy aged four. The boy methotrexate and ms was admitted to the Kingston Avenue Hospital for laryngeal diphtheria, for a methotrexate canada dose of antitoxin Octob.r methotrexate for ms JO. 19.'n.) DX.-IH: FOREIGN BODIES. 661 given by the family physician did methotrexate generic name not relieve the dyspnea. On admission, Dr. Adam Eberle, by a very careful physical examination, ruled out tracheo- bronchial diphtheria, and notified me of the possi- bility of a foreign body on account of the mother's statement that the child choked while at the methotrexate 12.5 mg table Fr-,. .'7. — X ray of peanut pulp in right bronchus (Case XV). and developed croup methotrexate injection cost the same night. The onset of the croupy attack was too sudden for diphtheria, and Dr. Eberle suspected that a foreign body in the right lung was the cause of the trouble. A broncho- scopic examination was made with a five mm. tube and a small mass of chewed meat was removed from the right bronchus. The physical signs did 6 mp methotrexate not clear up while the bronchoscope was in situ, and on a second inspection a small piece was re- moved from the lower lobe bronchus. The physical signs as elicited by the stethoscope immediately improved after the removal of the fragment, and air readily entered the lung. The boy was kept in the hospital for two weeks and methotrexate cream discharged as cured. The interesting points of this case are the diagnosis of a foreign body by Dr. Eberle on a vague histon- and the stethoscopic signs in the chest. And second, that a stethoscope physical examination with the bronchoscope in situ is of the greatest aid in deter- mining whether all pharmacology of methotrexate of the foreign body has been removed. Case XVIII. Some small pieces of cheesy infec- tious material removed from the right upper lobe bronchus of a child of one year. The child was admitted to Riverside Hospital for supposed diph- methotrexate sodium 2.5 mg

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