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was during the process of swabbing the tracheo- bronchi with antitoxin that the sponge Megalis Price was lost. The Megalis Tablet nurse, in applying the sponge, did Megalis 20mg not tighten the collar Megalis 10 over the grasping blades of the sponge October 30, 1920.] LYNAH: FOREIGN BODIES. 659 holder and it was easily detached and lost. The sponge, readily absorbing the bloody secretion in the bronchus after the removal of the membrane, was difficult to locate. However, after a few minutes' search, it was located in the upper lobe orifice and was easily removed. Tiie pa' lent made a complete Fig. 20. — Upholsterer's tack seen the middle lobe orifice (Case XIII). right chus opposite recovery from the diphtheritic foreign body and sponge. Case XIII. An upholsterer's tack removed from the right stem bronchus opposite the middle lobe orifice after a sojourn of two and a half years. I had the pleasure of seeing this patient, a boy of eight years, with Dr. Forbes. The tack was in a diffi- cult location in the right stem bronchus, and the head was anchored at the middle lobe bronchus, imbedded in a firm stricture of long duration. The point of the tack could be easily seen through the seven mm. tube pointing well to the left. The head of the tack was not visible. Dr. Forbes had dilated the stricture several times but the tack could not be budged. I had the good fortune to be of assistance at two sittings and it was at the last trial that Megalis 20 I was given the opportunity to remove the tack. The difficult problem presenting was, that the shaft and point Megalis 20 Mg of the tack were pointing well to the left, and that the head of the tack would be reanchored in the lip of the middle lobe Megalis 10 Mg bronchus each time an attempt was made to remove it against the axis of the presenting point. Therefore, the boy's body was rotated well to the left and the bronchoscope and forceps were brought into a line with the pre- senting shaft and point of the tack. Now axis trac- tion was applied with considerable pull, and in one minute the bronchoscope, forceps and tack were all removed together. There was a lung abscess which ruptured into the pleura, and a rib was resected to drain the cavity. It was a long time after the re- moval of Megalis India the foreign body before the drainage tube could be removed from the pleura. The boy re- covered. Case XIV. Four pieces of raw Megalis Tablets carrot inhaled into the right and left bronchi in a child aged three. The child had a croupy cough and violent asthmatic wheezing for five days, and had been treated as a case of diphtheria. As the asthmatic dyspnea did not improve after antitoxin, and as Dr. Raymond Laub had obtained a history from the mother that the child had a choking spell five days prior while eating raw carrot, the child was referred to me for bronchoscopic examination. On admission, the child was in extremis and made no effort to cough. There was a marked asthmatic wheezing expiration aud- ible at some distance. Dr. Laub had made a phys- ical examination of the chest, and stated that little air was entering either lung, and that the percussion note was tympanitic. There was a general subcu- taneous emphysema present which involved the face, chest and trunk. The larynx was emphysematous and shiny. The trachea and bronchi were not in- volved. \\"\i\\ a five mm. tube a piece of carrot was removed from the right main bronchus. The child was moribund and died shortly after the removal of the large piece of carrot. An autopsy was per- mitted by the parents Megalis Online and three smaller pieces of carrot were removed from the lung. One piece was found in Buy Megalis the right superior lobe bronchus ; the third piece in the left main bronchus, and the fourth piece in the dorsal branch of the left lower lobe bronchus, at which location there was a well defined abscess containing foul smelling pus. The lungs were beefily congested and ballooned with air. The

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