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Fig. 14.— X ray sha.low nf .lental brooch rcmove.l (Case IV). minutes longer and renidxed it himself. The can- nula was successfully removed and the child made a complete recovery. C.'\.SE VL Metal intubation tube removed from the right main bronchus of a child of two years. The child was admitted to the Kingston Avenue Hospital suffering from laryngeal diphtheria for which she was intubated. A large dose of antitoxin was administered and as the general condition of the child was good on the fourth day an attempt was made to remove the tube. The tulie was lost during the attempt and was thought Buy Macrobid at first to have Ijeen coughed up and swallowed, for the child had little di.scomfort-and breathed well through the laryn.x. During the afternoon the child had some difficulty in breathing but intubation Macrobid 50 Mg was not considered necessary. The case was referred to me for bron- choscopic examination, and on the introduction of a five mm. tube the head of the tube was seen to Macrobid Price he in the right bronchus. The lumen Macrobid Generic in the head of the tube was entered with the extracting forceps and it was removed through the mouth. As the head of the tube was much larger than the glottis there was some traumatic subglottic edema which followed and the child again became croupy, Init reintubation was not necessary. The child made a complete recovery. C.\SE VH. A special O'Dwyer tube with large retaining swell and head was accidentally shoved down during the act of digital extubation. The tube, a three year size, was introduced into one of the coughup cases owing Macrobid Vs Cipro to the great diameter of the retention swell. The tube gravitated downward owing to the alisence of the cricoid cartilage which would have ordinarily held it in place, had not the cartilage sloughed out as a result of perichondritis which is the chief factor in all cases of coughing up of the tube. As the head of tube had gravitated downward, there being no cricoid cartilage to hold it in position, the added attempt to remove it shoved Macrobid Vs Macrodantin it down Macrodantin Vs Macrobid into the bronchus below. The child imme- diately became cyanotic and an emergency trache- otomy was performed. The tube was removed through the Generic For Macrobid tracheotomic fistula. The child re- covered but became one of the postdiphtheritic retained tracheal canula cases. He was eventually decannulated and made i. complete recovery. C.\SE \TII. A Generic Name For Macrobid two year intubation tube removed from the right bronchus in a child aged two and a half at Riverside Hospital. The usual Macrobid Generic Name thing oc- curred at attempted extubation by the digital Price Of Macrobid method that the tube head was pushed through the glottic opening and fell into the Purchase Macrobid bronchus. A second tube was introduced after the first tube fell into the In-onchus but as this gave no relief tracheotomy was I)erf ormed and the tube . was extracted by trache- otomic bronchoscopy, a five mm. tube being used. The child was greatly improved following the re- moval of the tube but as she had a bronchopneu- monia before Macrobid Cost the accident which continued to spread ^he succumbed two weeks later. C.\SE IX. A two year intubation tulie removed from the left bronchus in a boy of two years Order Macrobid and nine months. Generic Macrobid The boy was admitted to the Willard Parker Hospital and intubated for laryngeal diph- theria. A large dose of antitoxin was administered and as the general condition was good on the fifth (lav a digital Macrobid Online detubatorv trial was made. The Buy Macrobid Online at- from the lung (Case \). tempt to remove the tube was unsuccessful at the first trial and several attempts were made. Finally the operator said that he could not feel the tube. An attempt was made by the resident physician to locate the tube but this was unsuccessful. The writer was notified of the condition and removed the tulie the same afternoon with some difficulty 658 DW.-IH: fOREIUX BODIES. through the moutli. Tlie child became stenotic a few hours after the removal of the tube and rein- tubation was necessary to relieve subglottic Macrobid For Men edema. The tube Cipro Vs Macrobid \vas worn for one week and removed by the direct method. The child remained without the tube and made a complete recovery. C.\SE X. A one year noncoughu]) tube removed

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