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per cent. Of postoperative disabilities due to the operation there was one vesical fistula and one rec- tal fistula. discount lexapro The five year curability percentage lexapro price at the time of writing ■ was 27.6 per cent. discount lexapro online — 34.2 pel cent, according to the particular method used in computation. These figures seemed to refute in some degree, at least, the criticisms of operative treatment on the ground of "low percentage of op- erability, shockingly high immediate mortality, and a large majority of distressing discount lexapro card and desperate sequela." Dr. Graves then reviewed his personal experience with radium in the treatment of cervical cancer. Ra- dium in his hands had proved to be an invaluable agent in the palliation of inoperable cases. Many brilliant primary results had been achieved but, as a rule, the ultimate results had been disappointing, there being only one case which he could at present confidently pronounce cured. On account of the danger of fistula formation from burns, radium had been discarded in frankly operable cases, either before or after the operation. If the operation had been unsatisfactory so far as a complete generic lexapro price drop extirpation of the disease was concerned, radium was used as a prophylactic against recur- rence. In numerous borderline cases, difficult of operation, average cost generic lexapro the patients were treated first with radium and then operated upon. In most of these cases there were recurrences ultimately. Dr. Graves concluded that there was as yet noth- ing in his personal experience with radium to justify giving up the radical lexapro price per pill operation in operable cheap lexapro no prescription cases. He, however, called attention to prescription discount lexapro the fact that the results of radium treatment observed at the Memo- rial Hospital, New York, were superior to his own and ascribed this superiority to a greater knowledge and experience in radium, to the possession of larger quantities of the radium element, and to a more ela- borjite and efficient technic of application. He stater' therefore, that the conclusions from his own per- sonal results should lexapro price comparison not be generalized at present. A New Method buy discount lexapro of Covering Raw Surfaces Upon the Uterus. — Dr. George Gellhorx, of St. Louis, stated that the practitioner started to do a Gilliam operation or one of its numerous modifica- tions or substitutes in a case of fixed retroflexion. The adhesions that held the uterus glued to depth of the cul de sac or the rectum were broken up, the round ligaments were shortened and the uterus was now cheap lexapro alternative lying in a more normal position, but with a more or less extensive area of denudation on its fundus which invited the speedy formation of new adhesions. The difficulty lexapro price generic was easily solved by a procedure the various steps of which were given by the author in the following words : "The fundus is grasped by a volsellum and pulled backward and upward in the direction of the promontory. The reflection of the bladder peritoneum upon the cervix which now becomes plainly visible is incised trans- versely as in a hysterectomy and pushed off from the uterus. If this blunt dissection with the finger is gentle enough and does not extend into the broad ligaments, the bleeding is usually insignificant and is quickly checked by the pressure of a sponge. The uterus is then tilted forward, the bladder peri- toneum is pulled over the uterus and stitched to the posterior aspect of the fundus, where an intact peri- toneal surface presents itself. In small uteri, the bladder peritoneum may be fastened as far back as the insertion of the sacrouterine ligaments, if neces- sary. After the first or second turn of this con- tinuous catgut stitch the volsellum is removed and the stitching is continuied until the entire fundus with its denuded area has disappeared beneath its new peritoneal covering. By using an inverting stitch, even the catgut knots become visible. The newly formed covering consists only of the discount lexapro coupons bladder peritoneum which, in many cases, is so thin and transparent that the raw uterine surface and even the volsellum holes may be distinguished." The method just outlined not only supplied the raw fundus with a new serous coat, but it also safeguarded a normal position and mobility of the uterus, and the late results had remained most satis- factory. It was, however, not to be relied upon exclusively in a case of fixed retroflexion. In such a case the order of the operative steps were these, viz., first, loosening of the bladder peritoneum as get discount lexapro described above ; second, shortening of the round ligaments ; third, fastening of the bladder peritoneum cheap lexapro canada to the back of the uterus beyond the area of denu- dation. He anticipated two pertinent questions. Was cheap lexapro online the discount lexapro no prescription function of the bladder disturbed after this procedure, and what happened to the bladder in a lexapro discount program subsequent pregnancy? In the six or seven years that he employed the method, he had never observed an instance of vesical disturbance other than those that might follow any laparotomy. Octtber i,!. I'JiU.]

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