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Dyer. — In New Orleans, La., on Tuesday. October 12th. Dr. Isadore Dyer, aged fiftj'-four years. GiLSON. — In Boston, Mass., on Wednesday, October, 13th, Dr. Alfred H. Gilson, aged sixty-seven years. J., on Thursday, October Kraft. — In VVeehawken, N. 14th, Dr. Charles Kraft. McClaxe. — In Clarksburg, W. Ya., on Saturday, October 9th, Dr. William McClane, aged seventy-five years. Morse. — In New York City, on Sunday, October 10th. Dr. C. F. Morse, aged fifty-nine years. Noble. — In Brooklj'n, N. Y., on October 10th, Dr. Har- riet I. Noble, aged sixty-one years. RupPEL. — In Lynn, Mass., on Sunday, October 10th, Dr. Emil F. Indocin Vs Ibuprofen Ruppel, aged si.xty-one jears. ScHLEMM. — In Union Hill, N. Generic Indocin J., on Sunday, October 3rd, Dr. Richard Schlemni, aged fifty-five years. SiMMoxs. — In Bangor, Me., on Monday, October 4th, Dr. William Hammatt Simmons, aged seventj'-two years. Stewart. — Indocin High In Canandaigua, N. Y., on Tuesday, October 5th, Dr. Henry Stewart, aged seventy-three years. Stires. — In Columbus, Neb., on Thursday, Indocin Sr 75 Septemljer 30th, Dr. Ferd Taylor Stires, aged thirty-eight years. Spauldixg. — In Clifton Springs, N. Y., on Thursday, October Indocin Suppositories 7th, Dr. Frank W. Spaulding, aged seventy-six years. Stutsmax. — In Seattle, Wash., on Wednesday, September 22nd, Dr. William Harold Stutsman, of Chicago, aged thirty-four years, Thomson. — In Summit Point, W. Va., on Monday, Octo- ber 4th, Dr. Augustus Pembroke Thomson, aged seventy- three years. Book Reviews Indocin Iv PSYCHIATRY IX GERMANY .Irbcitcii (iHS der Deutsche^ Porschuiiysaiistalt fiir Psychia- tric in Miinchcn. Edited in December, Indocin Tablets 1919. Julius Si>rin(;er, Berlin, 1920. This first report of the new German Institute for Psychiatric Research is richly suggestive of the literary and scientific character to be expected of the contributions which will be made through its work. Kraepelin's review of the history of psy- chiatry through the hundred years preceding, with which the report opens, gives an instructive outline of the facts of such history presented Indocin Generic with a stimu- lating appreciation of the Indocin Injection evolutionary relation of such facts to one another. This becomes evident in a progressive field like that of psychiatry, which contains the promise for wider developments for the future as they gleam through the slow growth of the past. The somewhat familiar story of the abuses which arose through ignorance and super- ■stition, and, we might add, through the fear of mental facts which these nourish, receives new light from Kraepelin's treatment. The story is set forth in clearly related detail, and thus, Indocin Suppository illustrated as it is also by pictures, it gathers together in striking summary the delays and yet the progress in theoretical and experimental approach Indocin 25 Mg to problems of the insane made simultaneously in the several lands of Christendom. It reveals the similarity and the cooperation which are in line with the definite progress of enlightenment and with the growing conception of a Indocin Pda mental reality even in the insane which must be accepted and dealt with in a scienti- fically reasonable manner. The Indocin Headache promise for wider understanding of mental diseases in all phases of approach to them as well as Indocin And Ibuprofen for the possibilities of active development of the science of psychiatry is more than intimated in the writer's words. This prospective work is still more definitely outlined in his following article on the goals and the paths of psychiatric research. Fur- ther stimulus is given in his presentation of the needs of research into the various forms of mental disease. His article on epilepsy gives a brief glance also in one of these special directions. It does not lessen the Order Indocin force of his appeal for the various Indocin 25mg types of research, of which this report gives encouraging examples, if it is objected that too little attention is given to the Buy Indocin general background of all mental disease and too little definite emphasis laid upon the weight of psychic factors which work much more Indocin For Pda deeply in the causation and development of mental disturbances than even this experienced Indocin Suppositories 100mg

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