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be drawn femara tablets that no unbalance existed in the control. If variation from normal was found, and the hand could be identified as ancestral, the unbalance, if any, might be traced. However, the tactile sen- sibilities are rarely acute. Many errors of judgment follow their transmission to the neural control, yet the errors made are relatively few when compared to the number following the transmission of visual impressions. The complexity of the latter mechan- ism involves so many adjustments that this is to be purchase femara expected, nevertheless, such judgments (faulty or accurate) as are made, are more lasting than those attributable to other special senses. They may be modified by the discovery of the error, but the unreliability of visual transmissions will have impressed the femara mg neural control. A state of indecision is produced. Judgment is held in abeyance, and the inability or refusal to decide forms a habit, thereby increasing the amenability to suggestion. Thus a mass of individuals may be swayed by suggestion and accept the preformed judgment suggested. It is the dominating factor of the group, and may influence habits in the matter of food and gestation to such a degree that an unl)alance may ensue. However, the same factors working for unbalance could be directed to constructive and beneficial ends, as the receptive potential is the same. Plasticity of group consciousness is an essential to the coordination of the group. That interpretations of visual impressions may be used as suggestions, and are transmitted as received through the auditory apparatus, would indicate that the auditory, like the sensory, is reliable in its transmissions. Its faults are more prone to be those of omission than distortion. It must not be inferred from this that the auditorv transmissions have little influence except as they may be used for the purpose of suggestion. The fact that the position of the tympanum may alter its functional ability to transmit, indicates that as in the visual mechanism, femara online the necessity of perfect coordination is required before maximiun results are obtained. Thus the tilting of a lens may cause an astigmatism, or the inclination of the tympanum to a greater or less degree from the vertical, may interfere with the perfect transmission of sound. The result of perfect coordination is observed in the one by the production of marvelous artistic creations, in the other by equally wonderful com- binations of sound meeting in harmony. The olfactory- in man, like the sense of taste is hardly worth consideration, as its capacity for either trans- mission or reception buy cheap femara is perfunctory. THE CONTROL. Emerging from this jumble of complexities sur- rounding the neural control, we enter the domain of the control itself. So far the reactions of trans- mitted impulses have been considered, its depen- dence upon various mechanisms of special sense, and its duty to secure coordination, have been roughly outlined. The possibility and degree of variation, due to the inefticrent service generic femara of its aids has been mentioned, also its amenability to sugges- tion. There yet remains the neural control when deprived of its special order femara senses and its driving im- pulses. Difficult indeed is the conception of this thing as an entity, unless we accept the vague fan- cies of the ancients and call it a soul. However,, assuming the structure of the body to be zonal in natiu-e, the neural control would of necessity have to be formed from elements donated by each zone, thereby supplying the essentials of coordination and function. A study of the neural control, would however, eliminate all the factors with which it is surrounded, even the zones from which it derived its elements. We would then have a group of elements whose potential would be in direct ratio with their number and ability to func- tion. In this case the consideration of an indi- vidual element might femara cost lead to an estimate of the potential of the group. Here femara price there intrudes the elusive, intangible factor, attributable to the innate inability of the mind to reason except from simple analogies. To speak of energy, either electronic or atomic, or the principles of chemical attraction or gravitation, would lead to nothing. We accept these principles as axiomatic in their application without understanding. It is useless, therefore, to attempt an analysis of what we term nerve energy, yet we can accept as a fact that such energy depends upon the presence of neural elements. Moreover, the quantitive nature of its energy must follow varia- tion in purchase femara online the quantitive amount of elements. In order femara online the matter of qualitive factors we can only surmise. Every neural element may be protean in its potential, or contrarily may differ in functionable adaptability. The fact that special senses are formed, suggest special adaptability, though no reason exists for as- suming such an hypothesis to be buy femara correct. The optic nerve, if supplied with the mechanism of conduc- tion, may be as well able to transmit auditory im- pressions, as the aural, or buy femara online vice versa. The inability of the cheap femara afferent nerves to transmit efferent impulses

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