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essentially selfish. This estrace ivf selfishness produces end results of remarkable significance. Thus a perfectly coordinating body, having hy its ruthless power se- cured the food or necessities of others in a group, becomes a menace, driving them to the use of cun- ning. Complex judgments have to be formed re- sulting in group action to enforce the right of the individual. Here then would be established a precedent, the glimmering of the recognition of the law of ownership as applied to the entire group. Custom will establish the precedent by which the group profited, which in turn will react upon the neural control of the strongest in an effort to estab- lish his precedence. In all the complex, the neural control is activated and driven by the same impulse unmodified, brutal estrace 2 mg and ruthless. It is the personi- fication of the law of survival whether exemplified by strength or cunning, in the group or in the indi- vidual — the possessive instinct of the male. 630 McEJ-OY: HEREDITY. THE INSTINCT OF SEX. ^^'hen a zone matures it extrudes nucleii, which are carried to the ovary or testicle, there to await the action of the body. One zone may mature be- fore another. In this event the zone may seek to readjust the estrace estradiol relative importance of its position in its communal group and as a consequence cause an imbalance in the neural control. Thus vague and unformed sexual manifestations often appear be- fore puberty, due to the maturity of one or more zones, the degree being in direct estrace online ratio to the num- ber of zones maturing and the unbalance differing as the control is more or less influenced by estrace coupons their chemical activation. When the body matures (all the zones) the tremendous power exerted by the combined forces demanding the extrusion of their nucleii, may even counterbalance the influence of the instinct of possession, depriving the estrace coupon neural con- trol of its power to reason and producing as a con- sequence varying degrees of incoordination. However, the result of one zone maturing or the whole group estrace cream is always conducive to unbalance of a greater or less degree, but fortunately, as in the ad- justment of the special senses to coordination, the regularity of zonal impulses produced habits, so in the adjustment of sexual elements, the habit of functioning at regular intervals is caused by quan- titive changes. buy estrace The extrusion of nucleii by a estrace for ivf zone depending as it does upon the zone's virility, buy estrace cream and the latter in turn depending upon the amount of food furnished, would inhibit excessive prolifera- tion under normal conditions. (As an interpellation and with apologies it is thought advisable to mention the possible role played by the zonal nucleii in the production of malignant growths. The fact that Cohnheim made a suggestion connecting embryonic elements was the result of the observation of their behavior. The fact that such growths are influenced by the same destructive agency inimical to ovii buy estrace online and sper- matozoon as to cancer, is striking, especially so when it is recalled that no known agency capable of destroying the fecundated ovum in utero with- out injuring the mother, exists. It can be expelled but not destroyed — except by radium.) Resuming the consideration of the impulses es- sential to the perpetuation of life forms, we find that in the manner detailed is thus thrust upon the body, the second great quantitive instinct as a factor in the estrace 1 mg phenomena of estrace cream coupon the life of a mature body — the instinct of sex. Like the instinct of possession it is quantitive, varying in direct ratio with the activity of zonal re- production. It is unlike, however, in the period of its activity. The instinct of possession persists in varying estrace tablets degrees throughout the life of the body, while the instinct of sex, as the zones one by one cease to proliferate, become ineffective and nuga- tory. Thus a period of greater or lesser length may estrace price transpire between the end of sexual activity and the dissolution of the body, in which the neural control ceases to be influenced by the impulse of sex. Here, then, estrace creme is a period of varying length of time wherein the neural control retaining memory, capable of observing and registering estrace 2mg impressions, is not under the driving zonal impulse. The calls for estrace cost food are perfunctory, the zones are quiescent, the neural control is left to dream on its estrace and ivf memory pictures. We have, then, two governing factors, the one resulting from the chemical needs of the body struc-

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