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gible and undefinable as electricity, yet obviously as quaiititively and qualitively dependent u]ion chem- ical reactions. THE INSTINCT OF POSSESSION. The zone is the unit of structure. It as a unit develops, matures and reproduces its kind. It Buy Lithium Carbonate may mature earlier or later, may be weaker or stronger, yet as one of a communal group it is dependent upon tlte action of the neural control. A zone therefore has no method of escaping the responsibilities of its position. Its desires must be Generic Lithium Carbonate transmitted to the neural control, Lithium Carbonate Buy compliance with which would mean the activation of all the mechanisms of the body. Thus a deficit of chemical elements transmitted by a zone would produce hunger in the neural con- trol. To appease it the huge complex of the body mechanism must be set in motion. To satisfy the zone the muscles of volition move the legs, the arms, the jaws. The mechanism of digestion pre- pares to disintegrate the food into the elements suitable for all its zones, and the distributing channels dispose of it impartially — to the zone com- plaining — but also to the others. If the environ- ment is unfavorable and the food difficult to se- cure, the action becomes more complex. The special senses are called Eskalith Er upon. They register impressions which are referred to memory cells. If memory fails to recall experience, a process of reasoning must ensue, and the experiment of edibility tried, controlled Eskalith Cr 450 in a measure by the chemical repulsions indicated by odor and taste. If an object known to be edible is in possession of another, offensive measures may be tried, or. if this fails, methods of deception used. In either case, the origin of a habit can be ob- served, forming within the neural control of con- sidering the desirability of objects — a sense of ownership regarding them. It should be clear that an environment whose aspect was harsh and for- bidding would more readily produce such an effect than one offering a profusion of Buy Lithium Carbonate Online edible substances. It is of importance that the relation between the chemical wants of the zones and the resulting effect upon the neural control be clearly imderstood. as, though applicable to all fomis of life, it will be es- pecially significant when the Lithium Carbonate Online gestational phenomena of woman is considered. The sense of ownership is the natural corollary of the struggle to live, fol- lowing as it does the ordinary process of growth en- tailing the constant supply of elements. It is, there- fore, a primal impulse or instinct, and for want of a better designation it can be termed "The instinct of possession." When the quantitive nature of this instinct is shown to follow the Purchase Lithium Carbonate influence of environment, its great potential in the economic life of man and con- sequent bearing on the subject of heredity will be apparent. It is undeniable that the constant use of offensive mechanisms to obtain food might develop a ferocity of great and unreasoning power, might e\en produce an unbalance in the neural control changing an appetite omnivorous in nature, into one purely carnivorous, but the ferocity which resented the presence of another, to say Eskalith Cr nothing of question- ing its claims, would produce nothing more than a consciousness of self — an ego — with but rudimen- tary impulses of possession. If, however, an ovum is fecundated and its zones proliferate within the uterus of a woman, it is ob- vious that its growth will depend upon the mechan- isms of her body. Moreover, every zone in her body being a chemical analogue or replica of those in process of proliferation within her uterus, will ha\e added to its normal demands for food the re- quirements of the fetus. The result will be that every energy of her neural control is constantly di- rected in its dual capacity of sustaining two or more groups of zones. To this responsibility for the proliferating zones is added the necessity of secur- ing protection for them. Thus the female becomes peculiarly susceptible to environment and anything remotely suggesting protection received through her Lithium Eskalith special senses will exert enormous influence. The driving impulses of hunger transmitted from her zones and of the body of Buy Eskalith the fetus will, after the delivery of her progeny, culminate in the de- velopment of the great primal instinct of possession, modified by the attending protective impulse, pro- ducing that most wonderful of emotions — the mother love. In the transmission of this instinct, the factors of its production are active, carrying its potential from generation to generation through the zonal nucleii. Thus habits will be formed, as each body, depending Order Lithium Carbonate Online as the case may be upon one or more of its special senses, will perpetuate the cus- tom of selecting certain foods, raising its progeny or adopting a mode of life, thereby increasing the scope Eskalith 450 Mg of judgment of the neural control. It will be observed that the possessive instinct dift'ers in its manifestation. In the female it is pro- tective and selfsacrificing, while in the male it is

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