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The patient is placed in the horizontal posture upon the examination chair or couch ; the spine is uppermost and bared. A large felt electrode, not less than si.x by eight inches square, properly moist- ened, is placed just above cost erythromycin gel the umbilicus so as to cover the abdominal brain or solar plexus. This pad is attached to the positive end of the coil, while the negative end is attached to an ordinary sponge hand electrode, not over two inches square. This e.xamining electrode should be fitted with an inter- rupting device. The cost of erythromycin 500mg current is now turned on from the full length of the winding to about one half of its cheap erythromycin possible strength and the sponge brought in contact with the cervical region of the patient. The interrupting cost erythromycin topical device is released and the current flows. The patient is now consulted as to the feeling of the current, which must be in no wise disagreeable. If every- thing is working satisfactorily, the electrode is gently moved up and down the entire length of the price erythromycin philippines spine price erythromycin ointment six to eight times, with moderate pressure only. The patient should now cost erythromycin ophthalmic tell the examiner if the current is felt more in one spot than in another. If it is not felt anywhere in particular or everywhere alike, in- crease the current and proceed as before. If the patient shows by wincing that there are some tender spots, mark these spots with an indelible pencil. 628 average cost erythromycin McEJ'OY: HEREDITY. cost erythromycin [New York edical journ.a The current may now be stopped and, to our sur- prise, just price erythromycin gel where the patient complained of feeling cost erythromycin eye ointment the current, there appeared bright red areas from the size of a twenty-five cent piece to the size of the palm of the hand. These spots stand out in bold relief upon an other- wise white background. This phenomenon must have a cause and we must account for its occur- rence. ■ Immediately underneath this red area are located spinal centres which, perhaps, have been for a long time laboring under great stress from the impulses sent there from some abnormal organ. Now, when this hypersensitive area is irritated with the proper kind of current, it will respond by an increase in the local blood supply long before the rest of the skin along the spine is even aware of the presence of the irritant. By looking at our chart we find which particular part of the body or which organ is associated with the responsive centre, and so locate the abnormal or diseased organ which is responsible for the hypersensitiveness of the sym- pathetic area just tested. Once having located the organ or region it is not very difficult by a process purchase erythromycin of exclusion to arrive at the correct diagnosis. ANEMIC AREAS. Besides the red spots just mentioned, every once in a while it happens that a certain sharply circum- scribed area will suddenly become blanched. Such areas are of the same general contour as the red spots. There is no doubt that, in my earlier tests, many of these anemic spots escaped my observa- tion, yet when once seen, thereafter, when one is on the lookout for them, they online erythromycin appear almost as plain as the hyperemic areas. At this writing I am not able to give a very satisfactory explanation as to their true significance. Since the red spots apparently reflect a condition of hyperexcitability in the ganglion from some irri- tation from a distant organ, is it not also possible that anemic spots portray the tru^ condition when the opposite state exists? Let us suppose that an how much does azithromycin cost organ like the kidney is in an anemic state, the small fibrous contracted kidney; then, if the gang- lion has long since given up the attempt to produce any change or repair, the ganglion itself would be in a more or less anemic state : it would then reflect its own condition through the blood supply in the overlying skin area, hence the anemic or blanched spots. It is, however, purely speculative on my part at this time to venture these suggestions. Just a word about such diseases as hysteria and neurasthenia. price erythromycin ophthalmic ointment It seems as though two cost erythromycin ophthalmic ointment such diseases ought to be differentiated easily, but as a matter of fact they are not, especially when the main symp- toms of either are more or less present price erythromycin india or absent in the same individual. How will a spinal diagnosis help us, then? Simple enough, if one stops to think before proceeding with the mechanical part of the work. Neurasthenia is, as the name order erythromycin implies, buy cheap erythromycin an asthenic condition of the nervous system due to debility or weakness of the nerve centres, not in

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