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because the ganglion located here controls the py- loric end of the stomach. Would it seem very far- fetched if, in carcinoma of the pyloric end, or any other chronic lesion at this region, we purchase sildenafil citrate should also find some small involvement of the region surround- ing the buy eriacta online centre along the spine? We know that this does happen. I can do no better than refer to any one of the modern textbooks on diagnosis, where complete charts will lie eriacta online found giving locations of painful areas along the spine associated with various internal disorders. In Its distribution along the spine, the entire sym- pathetic system may be divided into three main divi- sions, viz., the cervical brain, extending from the atlas to the fifth cervical vertebra; the abdominal brain, extending from the first dorsal to the second lumbar ; the pelvic brain, extending from the ninth dorsal to the fifth lumbar. While these divisions are only arbitrary, they nevertheless serve as a guide to the distribution of the main plexi and the par- ticular area they control. In order to appreciate more thoroughly the diagnosis of chronic ailments, it will be necessary to keep in mind the fact that we may, and usually do, have symptoms in some organ, yet that organ is perfectly healthy buy eriacta and so requires no therapeutics ; it is simply a reflex symptom. A gravid uterus may cause uncontrollable emesis ; the gastric organ is not at fault, yet the vomiting is the only symptom of which the patient complains. In- testinal parasites may cause convulsions, yet no physical signs of the worms may be present ; in fact, nothing cheap eriacta seems to point to the intestines at all as the possible site of the trouble. Ocular defects have been known to be the only cause for epilepsy, yet have never been suspected. Lumbago, a frequent condition during stone in the kidney or bladder; yet there may be nothing wrong with the lumbar region itself. Headache, due to some gastric dis- turbance, hemorrhoids and constipation furnish re- flex .symptoms too varied and too numerous to men- tion. sildenafil citrate 50mg This array serves once more cheap sildenafil citrate to impress the necessity of locating and treating the cause and not the apparent symptoms. HOW TO LOCATE THE C.VUSE. We thoroughly appreciate the fact that every organ in the body is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, and that this system has located near the spinal vertebrje certain ganglia ; that these ganglia act as substations or eriacta uk centres from which impulses are sent out. We also appreciate the fact that the overlying skin area surrounding these cen- tres shares in the immediate condition of the centres themselves. If, then, any one organ in the body is abnormal, the corresponding centre must also be abnormal. Now it is simpler to find the abnormal spinal centre per sc than to find the abnormal organ per sc. Knowing the centre we can easily locate the organ supplied by that centre and so find buy sildenafil citrate online the under- lying cause for the particular ailment. APPARATUS NECESSARY. Procure a high tension faradic coil with not less than five thousand feet in the secondary winding ; personally, I never use less than seven thousand feet. and lately I had built for me a coil with eight thou- sand feet of especially fine wire, and two interrupt- ers in the primary. Why do I use such a length of fine wire, and why two, instead of the usual one interrupter, in the primary ? The greater the num- ber of secondary turns surrounding the primary of a faradic coil, the oftener are the lines sildenafil citrate 100mg of force cut and, therefore, the greater the tension, or the pene- trative power, of the secondary current. The fine wire is used instead of the coarse so as to make the distance between the eriacta tablets centre of the coil and the peri- phery, or the last layer of winding, as short as pos- sible. The more rapidly the current is interrupted the less the sensation to the sensory nerves, and so this kind of current may buy sildenafil citrate order sildenafil citrate be used to its fullest extent without practically any sensation or muscular con- traction to the patient. For these reasons the error should not be made of using a short coil, for it can- not produce the desired penetrative power nor the necessary interruptions, but instead it may cause severe muscular contractions of a decidedly painful quality. A muscle will respond to individual stimuli up to about thirty a second. As musclar contractions and relaxations require time for their performance, when the rate of interruption is higher than order eriacta thirty a second, there is not enough time for complete relaxation and the muscle assumes a condition of tetanus. This tetanic condition becomes more and more manifest as the oscillations increase in fre- quency, until they reach about three thousand a sec- ond, and ranbaxy eriacta 100 is stationary or at its maximum up to five ranbaxy eriacta thousand a' second. If the rate of vibrations is still further increased, the muscle gradually returns to a flaccid condition because it can no longer re- spond ; it no longer appreciates the stimulus ; conse- quently, there is no muscular reaction.

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