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mass under the control of a given nucleus forming both the cell body and its branches. The cell body contains the usual granular material with a nucleus and a nucleolus. Nerve cells Generic For Dulcolax differ Dulcolax Generic in the number of branches arising from them according to their physiological function. Motor cells possess one principal branch, which, when spoken of alone, is called the nerve fibre, but when considered as the outgrowth of the cell body from which it originated is called the axone. This axone usually has branches, which are designated as collaterals, and the distal ends of the axone divide into finer branches, forming the terminal arborization. Cfintrasted with this principal outgrowth are the other branches of the cell, which are, of course, in- dividually much shorter and which divide dicho- tomously at frequent intervals, forming a treelike appearance ; hence their designation dendrites. An axone in the central system may reach from the cerebral cortex to the lumbar enlargement, while the longest nerve fibre of the peripheral Dulcolax Usa system reaches from the liumbar enlargement to the toe ; the longest fibres are found in the spinal ganglia of the lumbar region, where one axone passes to the bulb while another of the Dulcolax 10 Mg same cell passes to the skin of the toes, thus spanning the entire length of Dulcolax Suppositories the body. Some of these fibres are medullated, while others are not ; most of the nonmedullated fibres are found in the sympathetic system, although a few are pres- ent in the cerebrospinal system. The function of this medullary sheath is at best problematical ; it has been suggested that this coat acts as an insula- tion, but there is hardly any warrant for such con- clusion. That, however, Dulcolax Products it may act to the nerve fibre as the periosteum does to the bone appears more probable. The Buy Dulcolax ganglion cell with its dendrones and the axis cylinder with its terminal fibrils together form an anatomical and physiological unit — What Is Dulcolax Tablets a neuron. (Fig. 1.). Every nervous pathway is made up of a series of such neurons communicating with one another. There does not Dulcolax Powder seem to be any direct ana- tomical continuity in these neurons, which commu- nicate with one another like ' cog wheels, the ter- minal fibrils of the axis cylinder of one neuron in- serting themselves between Dulcolax Laxatives the arborizations of the cells of another neuron. The brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and sympathetic system are com- posed exclusively of neurons of this character and their articulations. It Dulcolax Bisacodyl is thought that the transmission of an impulse is effected from one neuron to another Dulcolax Balance Coupon by some protoplasmic prolongation, or contraction and re- nunicating dendr^ nd collaterals. laxation. or by some vibratory Suppository Dulcolax movements of the terminal filaments. Such impulses are carried to the cells by the axis cylinders. Every neuron prob- ably acts in relation with several others, the most extensive communication being made possible by the innumerable dendrones and collaterals. (Fig. 2.) October 23, 1920.] GEYSER: DIAGXOSIS OF CHRONIC COXDITIOXS. 623 A cortical cell may receive a single impression or a number of impressions at one and the same time. These impressions are weighed Printable Dulcolax Coupons and may be trans- mitted to the Laxatives Dulcolax motor cell of the central neuron. The central Dulcolax Printable Coupon motor neuron transmits the Dulcolax Coupon desire to the mul- tipolar cell in the gray matter of the anterior horn of the spinal cord. The peripheral motor neuron is then actuated and causes the propagation to the end organ ; this may be a muscle, gland, or other tissue, which, when excited into activity, performs Bisacodyl Dulcolax its physiological function. It is no fault of a normal tissue that it performs its own physiological func- tion ; it cannot do otherwise. THE PYRAMIDAL TRACT. Situated in the central convolution of the brain is the Generic Dulcolax motor cortical zone. The cells located in this

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