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must ever bear in mind the cellular construction of the human body. how to buy doxycycline Each individual is but a conglom- eration of cells ; as each cell is, so is the individual ; he is the cells, the cells are he. THE CELL doctrine. Xearly a half century has passed since Vir- chow. in his Cellular Pathology, expressed the idea that each animal appeared as a sum of vital units, doxycycline online each of which exhibited all the characteristics belonging to life. Xot only that, but he maintained the thought that each cell sprang from a preceding or parent cell by division, budding or otherwise : he believed that the character and imity of life were referable not to any single locality of a higher or- ganization — for example, the brain of man — but rather to the definite, get doxycycline constantly recurring arrange- ment which each single element bears to itself. Taking the correctness of this view for granted, the composition of a large body of the socalled in- dividual must always depend upon a social arrange- ment ; in fact, it represents a social organism in which there is a mass of single existences related to one another in such a way that every element has its own special activity, and each, when excited to activity by other parts, does its work and performs its function of and by itself. If this idea is correct it must apply not only to the body at large, but also to each organ, to the nervous system, even to each cell entering into the composition of any tissue. During the last doxycycline 100mg few years it has been possible to doxycycline cheap approach the nervous system with instruments of great precision, with better recorded observations of disease of the nervous system (testing and record- ing after condensor doxycycline mg discharges on injured nerves), aided b}' the refutation or confirmation of pre- viously existing data, thereby arriving at the newer conception of the neuron as a unit. In fact, the study of the functional units in the nervous system could be buy doxycycline approached satisfactorily only after it had been clearly shown that the nervous system, like all other tissues, consisted of elements more or doxycycline to buy less isolated and independent, and connected directly with one another apparently only by contact, con- crescence, or protoplasmic bridges, and after we had learned to recognize the different structures which belonged to the single elements. THE NERVOUS doxycycline purchase online SYSTEM, CENTRAL AND PERIPHEIL.\L. In describing the nervous system, for convenience of comprehension we separate the entire system 622 GEYSER: DIAGNOSIS OF CHRONIC CONDITIONS. into two general divisions, yet it must ever be borne in mind that these two portions are anatomically, as well as physiologically, one system. The central nervous system includes the cerebrum, cerebellum, and the jions, or all of that portion enclosed within the cranium proper, while the peripheral portion in- 1 cm how to get doxycycline Sody -/Lxo„ra.„„>s«^ -;»,,,, f.„. tntt»n\l.Bttlt5 \j\X ietu not ^ ^iT Flc. 1. — The ganglion cell with its dendrons and doxycycline order axis cylinder. eludes the spinal cord, the nerves, and the sympa- thetic system. By virtue of its continuity, the ner- vous system brings into connection all the other systems of the body. Conforming, as it does, in shape to where to get doxycycline the framework of the body, its branches extend to all parts. These branches form the path- ways over which the nerve impulses travel toward the where can i get doxycycline central system, and, in consequence of the im- pulses 100 mg doxycycline received, there pass out from the central system other impulses to the muscles and glands. In order doxycycline 100 to maintain harmony between the activities of how can i get doxycycline the several systems composing the body, where can i buy doxycycline it is at once doxycycline where to buy apparent purchase doxycycline that the pathways leading to the cen- tral nervous system, as well as the paths conducting impulses from the centre to the periphery, must be in a normal state to perform their particular func- tion. A SHORT REVIEW OF THE ANATOMY OF A NEURON. By the term neuron we understand the entire

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