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and a half by ten and five eighths inches vertically placed ; 3, one section of five drawers each three Ijy five inches ; 4, a stand sixteen inches in height. The whole constitutes a cabinet Cabergoline 0.5 thirty by sixty inches of handsome appearance. To this could be added one section of two drawers each eleven by fourteen inches. This Cheap Dostinex would be admirably complete and would well repay GEYSER: DIAGXOSIS OF CHROXIC COXDITIOXS. 621 the cost, in time, effort, and worry now expended. The cost of this cabinet would be for the three sections (as first described i about ninety dollars at present prices. Should any one be interested I have sent a manuscript (accepted ) to the Scientific America)! describing my own method of arranging and filing scientific data. The serious difficulty which remains is to induce the medical journals to adopt a uniform size and shape for Buy Dostinex Online reprints. And yet in America we boast of our system ; of our prompt adoption of all labor Buy Cheap Dostinex saving devices ! These suggestions would meet the current or urgent needs of most practitioners. Should any- one wish to go into the enterprise more Cabergoline Buy completely or comprehensively, the methods of Melville Dewey, of the New York State Library at Albany, might be adopted, wholly Cabergoline Tablets or in ])art. It is called the Deci- mal Classification or Relative Index, and provides a practically perfect system for classification of data. 1504 Pine Street. THE DIAGXOSIS OF CHROXIC COXDI- TIOXS BY THE SPIXAL REFLEX SYSTE]\I. By Albert C. Geyser. M.D., New York. Correct diagnosis must forever remain the key- stone to proper treatment. Any means or agents capable of furnishing assistance are always Dostinex Tablets wel- comed by the physician and appreciated by the pa- tient. Before we can form an Generic Dostinex opinion as to the use of electricity in determining the underlying cause of any chronic ailment, it will he necessary to re- view, at least lightly, some anatomical as well as physiological facts. Entirely too much time is spent and too much stress is laid upon considering the pathology in any given case. Pathology is that branch of medical science which treats of the modifications of function and changes in structure caused by disease. It is always an aftermath. Let us suppose, for Cabergoline 0.5 Mg the pur- pose of illustration, that a tornado has passed through a part of the country. L'sually an area of a Dostinex Online certain width, and frequently miles in length, has been devastated, trees have been uprooted, houses blown from their foundations, fires may have broken out, and perhaps lives lost. Dostinex Price After the storm (the disease) is over, those who were lucky enough to escape may view the ruins (the pathology). It may be granted that an expert in such matters may be able, to tell us from the damage (pathology) done, just what kind of a storm it was : he may be able to tell us the extreme velocity of the wind as it passed Buy Dostinex through, as well as the direction Purchase Dostinex Online from which it came: he may even know just how many such Dostinex Cost storms have previously occurred in this or some other region, or when another of a similar nature might be anticipated. While all of this is very scientific and interesting, the stricken population (the patient) are more interested in the reconstruc- tion (the physiology) in the rebuilding and possibly in the prevention (prophylaxis) of a recurrence. Purchase Dostinex Buy Cabergoline So far as the actual damage is concerned, it might have been worse or it might have been better had it been caused by a conflagration, flood, or earthquake. This does not mean Order Dostinex that pathology does not Order Dostinex Online serve a good or useful purpose ; but it does mean that, so far as a cure, a return to the normal, is concerned, more time should be spent in the study of physiol- ogy'. This at least applies more especially to the practising phvsician. Pathology Dostinex Mg is always an end result, while physiology enlightens us in the actual reconstruction, in the appreciation of the deviation from the normal and a return to it. Every chronic disease depends for its continu- ance upon a greater or lesser deviation from the normal anatomical and physiological makeup of the individual. It is, therefore, apparent that we must not only judge the individual as a whole, but

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