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same role in the filtration of the gastric contents, as tgg albumen in the preparation and filtration of broth cultures. 6. Specimens of gastric contents positive for blood were examined immediately after removal and the intensity of the reaction noted. These were then allowed to stand for six hours. At the end of this time the upper, clearer portion and the sediment were examined separately. It was found that the former was either negative or only faintly positive for blood, while the latter gave a stronger reaction than the freshly mixed contents. This is due to the Purchase Oxybutynin Online fact that the blood Order Oxybutynin exists in the form of hematin granules, which by reason of their high spe- cific gravity and their tendency to adhere to other particles, rapidly gravitate to the bottom of the glass. This obviously is of considerable practical import- ance; for if the upper portion of such a specimen is poured off and employed for the blood test, almost the same negative results will be obtained as with the filtrate. Certain factors influence the contrast which ex- ists between the filtrate and unfiltered contents. The sooner the filtration after Order Ditropan Online removal and the greater the amount of blood in the unfiltered contents, the less the contrast. The greater the amoimt of par- ticles in suspension, and the more thorough the process of filtration, the greater the contrast be- tween the filtrate and unfiltered contents in their behavior to occult blood tests. All these observations have been made sufficiently often to show that they are constant. They show clearly that examinations of the filtrate are unreliable in determining the presence of occult blood in the gastric contents. The mixed unfiltered contents or, if the test is to be more sensitive, the sediment after standing or centrifuging should be employed. This fact is not generally recognized : for in the leading Buy Cheap Ditropan textbooks on gastrointestinal diseases instructions are given to employ the filtrate for the test. 16 Eighth Avenue. FILING CONVENIENCES SUITABLE FOR PHYSICIANS. By J. Madison Taylor, M. D., Philadelphia. The man in active practice has need for con- venient and systematic means for filing Cheap Ditropan at least a dozen varieties of data of written or printed ma- terials. Among them are the following: 1. Short notes on cases, on the casual client ; to Purchase Oxybutynin jot down the name, address, complaint and primary advice given. 2. Generic Oxybutynin Fuller notes on progressive cases. 3. Associated data, correspondence about cases, etc. 4. Business correspondence. 5. Reprints of medical and scientific papers. 6. Useful data from adver- tisers, objects, instruments, materials and drugs, especially working bulletins of new products and scientific researches of the manufacturing houses, as advocated by Dr. Francis E. Stewart. 7. Hos- pitals, sanatoria, special schools for mental defec- tives, convalescent homes, summer camps for boys and girls and others. 8. Climatic data, reports, trans- portation, miscellaneous. 9. Small card index for books Buy Ditropan ; a, books in one's own library ; b, Buy Cheap Oxybutynin books de- sirable to read at some time. Differentiate by colors of cards, or better by colors and separate drawers. It is also desirable that any or all of these refer- ence data should be readily accessible, in reach of his office chair. In pursuance Purchase Ditropan of an earlier enterprise which im- pressed Purchase Ditropan Online me with its importance, I wrote a series of letters to the editor of Journal of the American Medical Association, beginning about twenty-five years ago, offering suggestions to the great manu- facturing houses, the purveyors of useful objects, drugs and other materials, urging that they Generic Ditropan adopt a uniformity in the size and shape of their printed matter, in particular Order Oxybutynin Online that they use the standard three by five inch index filing card, for business summaries, cards or small booklets. These recommendations were at once adopted by certain manufacturing houses and now most of the large drug firms are following suit. Later I urged that the leading medical journals agree upon a uni- form size and Buy Oxybutynin shape of their fuller data. So far Buy Ditropan Online no attention has been given to the hint. They must come to it ; the sooner the better. A recent com- Oxybutynin Online munication elicited attention from some of the drug houses and I was asked to offer specific recom- mendations. After consulting the makers of filing cabinets I Buy Oxybutynin Online learn that it is entirely practicable to use certain standard cases. These being adjustable, any one being able to adopt some one or Order Ditropan more parts. I offer the following idea. A filing cabinet of standard qualities can be as- sembled to contain; 1, Ditropan Online one section of five filing cases or drawers, each five by eight inches, hori- zontally placed ; 2, one section, three drawers, nine

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