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3. That mucus itself is not responsible for this contrast is evident from the fact that often unfiltered contents, containing large quantities of mucus, are negative for blood. That the difference is not es- sentially due to the presence of blood in the mucus is shown by the following procedure: Stomach con- tents negative for blood were repeatedly filtered so as to remove the mucus. To these filtrates blood was added in the strength of 1 in 1000. They were then thoroughly mixed and incubated for one hour to represent more or less the physical and chemical changes which the gastric contents undergo in the body. At the end of one hour, these mixtures were examined for blood and were always found positive. These were then filtered. These filtrates were in the majority of cases negative and only at times faintly positive Dilantin 250 Mg for blood, showing that filtrates of specimens containing blood become negative even in the absence of mucus. While the crackers and mucus are not the essential causes, they play a second- ary role, as will subsequently be shown. 4. It has been proved that mere filtration with- out previous changes in the blood in the stomach contents cannot be the cause of the negative reaction in the filtrate. The blood undergoes definite changes in the stomach which are the cause of its total or partial disappearance in the filtrate. It is well known that in the presence of a weak acid, hemoglobin is decomposed into hematin and a globulin. The he- matin is insoluble in weak acids, (occurring as amorphous granules, which by reason of their iron content have a high specific gravity and are strongly magnetic. That hydrochloric acid or, when this is absent, lactic acid is the essential cause of the con- trast which exists between the filtered and unfiltered Dilantin 330 Mg gastric contents, and that this is due to the fact that the granules of hematin formed by the action of Dilantin 30 Mg the acid upon the hemoglobin are too large read- ily to find their way through ordinary filter paper, is evident from the following tests : Three solutions are placed in separate beakers Dilantin Pharmacology and are frequently mixed and incubated for an hour : a. 1 in 1000 solution of blood and water; b, 1 in 1000 solution of blood in two tenths of one per cent, hydrochloric acid; c, 1. in 1000 solution of blood in two tenths of one per cent, Dilantin 150 Mg hydrochloric acid, with broken crackers added. .After one hoin-, each mix- ture is tested for blood before and after filtration. In a, the filtrate and imfiltered solution are equally positive for blood. In b, the unfiltered solution is distinctly positive, while the filtrate is most often negative, but at Dilantin 600 Mg times is faintly positive. In c, the unfiltered contents will be found positive, while the filtrate will be invariably negative. As the only difference between a and b is the presence of hydrochloric acid, then the hydrochloric acid must be the cause of the absence of blood in the filtrate. It will be noted that the contrast be- Dilantin 130 Mg tween a and c Dilantin 230 Mg is greater than that between a and b. It is evident that this must be due to the presence of crackers in c. The granules of hematin have a Dilantin 1 G marked tendency to adhere to the larger particles of crackers in suspension, thus rendering filtration more complete. These tests were repeated with two tenths of one Cheap Dilantin per cent, lactic acid solutions and the same results obtained as with hvdrochloric acid. As 620 TAYLOR: FILING CONVENIENCES. [New YoRk Medical Journal gastric contents are practically always acid, contain- ing either Dilantin 350 Mg hydrochloric or lactic acid, what has been shown applies more or less to all specimens. 5. That the heniatin grannies have a tendency to adhere Dilantin Xr to other particles in suspension is evident from the following observation Dilantin 400 Mg : A weak solution of blood ( 1 in 5,000) is made in two tenths of one Too Much Dilantin per cent, hydrochloric acid with broken crackers in suspension. The unfiltered mi.xture, Dilantin 125 after standing for an hour in an incubator, at the same time being thoroughly mixed, is tested for blood. It will be found that the liquid portion presents but little change in color, while the particles of cracker will be stained deep blue, showing that the hematin granules have be- come attached to them. Frequently, when untiltered contents are exam- ined for occult blood, it will be found that the liquid portion is Dilantin 500 Mg negative while the mucus is posi- tive. While Dilantin 200 Mg this, at times, is undoubtedly due to the fact that the Dilantin 50 Mg mucus has been detached from an eroded or congested mucous membrane, yet I believe it is more often due to the granules of hematin throughout the contents having become adherent to the mucus. The mucus and food particles play the Dilantin Ex

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