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ligation of the fallopian tube in the female does not produce this result, b. Repeated mild exposures of the gonads to the x ray is a slower Cheap Coreg but just as effec- tive means of obtaining the same results for both the ovary and testes, c. Finally the effects of re- juvenation may be experimentally produced Order Coreg — as we know — by transplantation in the old of the respec- tive gonad of a young animal of the same species. For the male the method of choice is the ligation of the vas deferens, for the female Coreg 40 Mg the x ray expo- sure. These are in short the fundamentals of the laborious experimental studies of Steinach and, as we see, they represent a great advance over the efforts of Brown-Sequard, Hufeland, Metchnikoff and others to fight senility. The preliminary work leading to this subject which was done by Steinach and his coworkers on birds, insects, amphibia and mammalia has also been of late related by Paul Kammerer (1). For years Steinach has bred and raised healthy generations of laboratory animals, has studied and observed their dispositions, habits, physical characteristics in all the stages of ■ their development with particular emphasis on sex development and characters of senility. His conclusive experiments he made on rats. He shows with an abundance of illustrations and photographs the influence of the interstitial gland on those Coreg 10 Mg animals. The animals which have acquired the characteristics of old age have a strik- • ing appearance : Their hair becomes bristly and sparse, they are timid and uninterested in the sur- roinidings, the head is drooping, the spine is arched, the eyes have lost their tonus and their brightness, they do not seem to relish their food, they show loss of weight, muscular weakness, inability to climb ; they don't fight other males nor pursue the females ; they harbor parasites. The same animals two weeks after the ligation of the vas deferens begin to change. They begin to pick up their heads, the eyes brighten and regain their tonus, they become lively, watchful and play- ful ; their appetite returns ; the hair begins to grow, becomes thick, soft and glossy; they gain weight, they move about with new vigor and agility, they fight other males let into their cage, they pursue and possess the female and bring forth new generations which grow up into normal adults. This true rejuvenation is accomplished by the simple experimental procedure of ligating the vas deferens. The increased resistance to disease and actual prolongation of life of the operated animals he Coreg Cr 20 Mg estimates at twenty-five per cent. After a time Coreg Cr Generic senescence sets in again. The records of two men who underwent ligation of the vas are also given. One at the age of forty- four showed symptoms of premature senility, loss of weight, flabby muscles, myasthenia, senile depres- sion, tremor and other senile characteristics. In this case complete return of vigor, alertness and Coreg Cr 40 Mg October 23, 1920.] CLEMOXS: HEMORRHOIDECTOMY. 613 capacity for hard labor followed unilateral Coreg Cr 20 ligation of the vas. Another man, a merchant seventy years of age, was operated on with complete suc- cess. Two years after ligation Coreg Cr 80 Mg he still enjoys the return of general muscular tonus, steady gait, good appetite, a good memory and interest in life. In women of climacteric and postclimacteric age the beneficial effects of x ray applications for myomata and metorrhagias Coreg Er have been Coreg 20 Mg noticed by many Is Coreg A Beta Blocker observers. This improvement consists of general wellbeing, alertness, increased capacity for work, and was first attributed to the removal of the diseased condition. But Steinach contends that its real meaning is the warding off of senility caused by regeneration Coreg Cr 40 of interstitial ovarian structures. Professor Coreg 2.125 Mg Bordier, of Generic Coreg Cr Lyon, also emphasizes the rejuvenating effects of the x ray applied in series. (For metrorrhagias of the climacterium and for the treatment of interstitial fibroids.) After the second Coreg 18.75 Mg or third series Coreg Generic Name anemic, withered complexions assume a fresh, rosy, youthful appearance. General de- bility and mental depression are replaced by a flour- ishing state of healtJi. This is due to the fact that the interstitial portion of the ovary is not affected by Coreg Cr 10 Mg the .X ray ; whereas colloidal-albuminoid precipi- tation occurs in the cells of the graafian follicles which are radio sensitive, the same as neoplastic cells. The affected cells disappear later by autolysis, meno- pause Coreg 80 Mg sets in, and the interstitial portion alone whose hormones produce the rejuvenating effect remains functioning. He has perfected a technic of applica-

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