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extremity, the thorax, the abdomen, the pelvis and lower extremity. The work has been done with painstaking care and the result is a series of beauti- ful photographs. The book should be received with favor by anatomists, and surgeons in everv branch of the profession. SURGEON GENERAL STERNBERG. A Biography of George Miller Sternberg. By His Wife. Marth.\ L. Sternberg. Illustrated. Chicago : American Medical .Association, 1920. Pp. ix-331. The best biography is one which retains its in- terest after many years and beguiles into reading it those who never knew the man, for none can write comprehendingly without giving the life of the times his hero lived in, and so the book becomes an in- teresting reference volume. The task which lay before the author was to depict fairly a triple personality — her husband as bimatoprost price doctor, scientist and soldier — and this has been successfully done. The fourth page finds him assistant surgeon in the U. S. Army, dodging bullets at Bull Run; then follow his work generic bimatoprost as army surgeon at many out of the way places, disease fighting being varied with natural history studies and exciting discoveries in shell mounds order bimatoprost online and ancient burial places. bimatoprost 0.01 He could not choose his dwelling place, and it was often in an unsanitary place or where disease flourished because tolerated by ignorance or indifference. The chapter on the Nez Perces Campaign delightfully savors of Fenimore Cooper, and the reader half regrets Sternberg's transportation from Walla- Walla to the Havana Yellow Fever Commission. We who buy bimatoprost online en- joy the fruits of such work can hardly imagine the hopes defeated, the toil in the laboratory, the dis- tasteful task of refuting theories advanced by con- freres, which Sternberg went through. He was cer- tainly bimatoprost ophthalmic the pioneer bacteriologist in America. His 602 BOOK REllElfS. [New York Medical Journal. discovery of the pneuniococcus before Pasteur is well known, and he most assuredly cleared the ground for Walter Reed's discovery. But where he cleared he also encouraged valiant scientists to walk. In his ten years as surgeon order bimatoprost general he realized his ideal of establishing a laboratory at every military post in the country and created the Army Medical School. The Army Nurse Corps was also of his making; lumigan bimatoprost also the Dental Corps. Best of all, he bimatoprost 0.03 fought that arch enemy, tuberculosis, and established a hospital at Fort Bayard and many general hos- pitals during the Spanish-American war, which war was begun with the usual buy cheap bimatoprost .skirmishing for obviously needed men and supplies with reactionaries at Wash- ington, officials bimatoprost synthesis who could not see the economy of liaving medical officers fully trained in hospital war work. One rather regrets that cheap bimatoprost neat, cold tombstone at the end of the life. It has an air of finality; its very weight seems to press out any purchase bimatoprost online vital spark of heavenly flame; whereas George Sternberg is still living, working, in the men who desire, as he did, a happy victory over all disease. SELFHEALTH AS A HABIT. SclfhcaUh as a Habit. By Eustace Miles. M. A.. Formerly Scholar of King's College, and Honors Coach and Lec- turer at Cambridge University ; Assistant Master at Rugby School : Amateur Champion at Racquets and Tennis ; Author of HoK' to Prepare Essays, Hoiv to Re- member, etc. bimatoprost canada Illustrated. New York: E. P. Dutton & Co.. 1919; London and Toronto: J. M. Dent & Sons, Ltd. Pp. v-341. Some twenty years ago, right in the heart of London bimatoprost cost a new restaurant appeared. No chops or steaks or meat foods of any kind, just vegetables, cereals, fruits. The young, the faddy, the dys- peptic cautiously ventured in and looked suspicious- ly at the dishes offered. It bimatoprost uk was generally expected that purchase bimatoprost the usual notice "This Shop to Let" would buy bimatoprost uk soon appear. Eustace Miles and his wife walked around among the tables with explanations vocal and printed and gently enticed people to learn a little of the insides into which they were putting the food. Last year, when on a visit to London, I found the shop still open and no new undertak- ing business opened nearby. Certainly the advice in bimatoprost online this, Eustace Miles's last book, on how to eat less ought to be feverishly read in these H. C. L. davs.

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