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(.01 contact affords a certain protection. This was proved by the fine work of von Pirquet and others working with the tubercuhn reaction, who proved that, in European cities at least, the adult population Biaxin Antibiotics was thoroughly tuberculized. We comprehend this in reading of such races as the Marquesas (South Seas) about whom Buisson says that the population will soon disappear. The tribe of Hapaa is said to have numbered 400 ; first smallpox reduced them by one fourth, then tuberculosis exterminated them save two. The natives of Tierra del Fuego once num- bered 5,000; of these, barely 300 remained in 1910. The natives say that, before the whites came, people only died of old age. As a note of cheerfulness in this mortuarial in- formation, we are told that tuberculization sets in — that is, imless all are exterminated, when it Biaxin Xl 500 would be superfluous ! Instances of this are American Samoa, Tahiti and Hawaii. One class in all communities, the children, are always exposed to primary tubercu- losis, and the Antibiotic Biaxin urgency of a determined fight by un- dermining ignorance and securing sanitation is Antibiotics Biaxin ines- timable. The chapter on the American negro and the American Indian Biaxin 500 Mg is full of interest, also the one on Epidemics of Tuberculosis and Prophylaxis of the Nonimmunized. It would be difficult to comment fully on the book. For to do so would mean a larger quotationing than Biaxin Order space allows. The author does not claim original investigation, but he may rightly claim originality in putting old facts in a new light. DIAGNOSIS OF CANCER The E.vact Diagnosis of Latent Cancer. An Inquiry Into the True Significance of the Morphological Changes in the Blood. By O. C. Gruner, M. D. Philadelphia : P. Blakis- ton's Son & Co., 1919. Pp. v-79. In this small monograph Dr. Gruner is careful to Biaxin Xl state that from a study of the blood alone it is not possible to secure an accurate diagnosis. How- ever, he considers it possible to attain a fairly accurate diagnosis of latent cancer when the various data possible to secure are correlated and the proper deductions made. The essential thing to do, as he points out, is to establish Biaxin 500mg the relationship between the various hemic phenomena and the underlying biological processes. He seeks primarily to estab- lish a new concept of the Cheap Biaxin interpretation of the vari- ous clinical findings. From the blood picture he shows us many deductions can be made. The drop of blood is a true sample of all the blood Biaxin 500 in the body and we are told it should serve as an index of great value. It is of interest to note that while Gruner attaches much importance to the hematology of a Purchase Biaxin patient he tells us to investigate carefully the background of the patient, his home life, his busi- ness surroundings, so that we may be able to elim- inate, or give full value to the functional disorders or the malfunctioning of any Biaxin Xl 500mg of the ductless glands which may Biaxin Antibiotic have their origin in some psychic dis- order. This warning is a very healthy note in a mono- graph which dwells upon minuteness in diagnosis. If we can study the little things without allowing them to master us, we will be taking a long step forward in diagnostic medicine. To be sure, can- cer is one of the most baffling diseases known to medicine and the method of approach adopted by Gruner should go far toward helping us Buy Biaxin grasp the fundamental underlying causes of this dread disease. X R.\Y ATLAS The X Ray Atlas of the Systemic Biaxin Online Arteries of the Body. By H. C. Orrix, O. B. E., F. R. C. S., Ed. Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine, London; Civil Surgeon Attached Third London General Hospital, R. A. M. C. (T.). Illus- trated. New York: William Wood & Co., 1920. Pp. i-91. This series of remarkable x ray plates illustrat- ing the anatomy of the vascular system has appeared in The Archives of Radiology. Work of this char- acter should lead to a revision of our study of the blood vessels, for the subject presented in this fashion gives a new concept of the arteriovenous system of the human body. A visual projection of the vascular system is made possible, especially by the use of the stereoscopic plates. New values are gained. The anastomotic and distributory elements of this vast network which reaches every cell in the Biaxin Price body attains a new significance. We should not be led into the fallacy Order Biaxin of allowing these x ray studies to supplant careful anatomical studies by dissection and cross section ; they should rather be used as supplemental to Biaxin Cost the other studies. The arrangement followed by Orrin is the head and neck, including the arch of the aorta, the Biaxin Buy Online upper

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