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Clark. — In Staten Island, N. Y., on Tuesday. October 5th, Dr. Frederick E. Clark, aged seventy-three years. Clay. — In Malta. Mont., on Sunday, September 5th. Dr. George W. Clay, aged forty-seven years. Connors. — In Boston, Mass., on Tuesday, October 5tli. Dr. Willett Spurgeon Connors, aged fifty-one years. D'Aquin. — In New Orleans, La., on Wednesday, Septem- benoquin vitiligo ber 8th, Dr. John Joseph d'.\quin. aged forty-eight years. Dupee. — In Bridgeport. Conn., on Wednesday, September 29th, buy benoquin online Dr. Edward Wilson Dupee, aged forty-eight years. Ellinwood. — In Rome, N. Y., on Friday, buy benoquin cream October 1st. Dr. Eliza Maria Ellinwood. aged seventy-one years. Gideons. — benoquin cream In Stockton. Cal., on Tuesday, September 21st. Dr. William Edward Gibbons, aged seventy-five years. Grah.\m. — In Little Falls, N. Y., on Saturday, September 25th, aged thirty-six years. Harris. — In Atlantic City, N. J., on W'ednesday, October 6th, Dr. Robert Edward Harris, aged thirty-nine years. Hicks. — In Menominee. Mich., on Sunday, September 26th, Dr. Walter Raleigh Hicks, aged fifty-five years. Howell. — In Cogan Station, Pa., on Tuesdaj', October Sth, Dr. William M. Howell, aged seventy-three years. Huhner. benoquin cream for sale — :In New Orleans, La., on Friday, September 10th, Dr. George Huhner, aged seventy-one years. L.\rkev. — In Oakland. Cal., on Sunday, benoquin 20 September 26th, Dr. Alonzo S. Larkey. Maxson. — In Berkeley, Cal., on Sunday, September 26th, Dr. Harriet S. Maxson, aged fifty-one years. McDonald. — In Coblenz, Germany, on Wednesday, Oc- tober 6th, Dr. James Wilson McDonald, of Fairmount, W. \'a., aged fi fty-nine years, Rothwell. — In Denver, Col., on Tuesday, September 7tli. Dr. Edwin J. Rothwell, aged seventy-eight years. Rowe. — In Boston, Mas., on Saturday, September 18th. Dr. .Anna Forrest Rowe, of Brooklyn, aged si.xty-three years. Book Reviews NEW BOOKS ON THE TUBERCULOSIS PROBLEM. The Shibboleths of Tuberculosis. By Marcus Paterson, M. D. ; Medical Superintendent, Alctropolitan Asylums Board, Colindale Hospital ; Late Medical Superintendent, Brompton Hospital Sanatorium, Frimley ; Medical Direc- tor, King Edward VII Welsh National Memorial Asso- ciation ; Resident Medical Officer, Brompton Hospital, London. New York: E. P. Dutton and Company, 1920. Pp. ii-239. A Study on the Epidemiology of Tuberculosis. *With Special Reference to Tuberculosis of the Tropics and of the Ne- gro monobenzone benoquin benoquin price Race. By George E. Bushnfll, Ph.D., M. D., Colo- nel, L'nited States .Army, Medical Corps, retired. benoquin online Honor- ary Vice-President and Director of the National Tuberculosis Association of the United States. Illus- trated. New York : William Wood and Company, 1920. Pp. V-22L The reviewer remembers an English doctor bringing charts and views of Frimley Sanatorium to Johns Hopkins Medical Society and giving an address on that which was novel and giving good results in the treatment. He was benoquin monobenzone cream very convincing and many were convinced. Only the enthusiastic, the really dutiful, will be grateful to Dr. Marcus Paterson of Frimley for airing and making .a clean sweep of erroneous statements, false doctrines of which his work benoquin cream 20 there and elsewhere has taught him the pervasion and evil. He finds about fifty-nine, so imagine the nuisance and mess he creates pulling them down, but he does not believe in patching up or compro- mising because these statements were once believed in by great men in medicine and are still believed by the laity. To give the first shibboleth will show that the others are clear and well put. It is, Why sterilize milk and neglect butter and cheese? These also could be purchasable. The English and American Public Health service have both demonstrated tubercle bacilli in cheese two months old and in butter ninety-nine days old. Then, having reviewed the fifty-nine, he says what he has found : That open air treatment and homes for tubercu- losis are not sanatoria. A buy benoquin "little gardening" is

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