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NEWS ITEMS. 597 BASAL PNEUMONIC RESIDUES IN Coupon For Avelox CHILDREN. It is a well known fact that after children have been suffering from pneumococcal infections of the lungs they fail to reco\er completely, and also measles, whooping cough, influenza, especially in mouth breathers, and in rickety, badly nourished children, frequently leave a bronchopneumonic con- dition which maj' be overlooked. In Tubercle, Sep- tember last. Dr. Walker Overend urges a more fre- quent radiological examination of the chest in chil- dren who have undergone attacks of any of these infections. He points out that many of the physical signs simulate those of tuberculosis, and that if there should be a clear family Avelox 400mg Tablets history of tuberculosis, the diagnosis of phthisis may be hastily made by the medical attendant or b\- the school medical officer, and the child sent to the tuberculosis dispensary for further observation or for sanatorium treatment. It is shown that Sutherland and Jubb examined the sputum of 230 children under suspicion of tuber- culosis during the period April, 1911, to October, 1912; they found only nine per cent, were positive. In the sputum of these children the pneumococcus constituted the most abundant organism. According to Overend the following statements seem justifiable : 1. Many cases of illhealth after pneumonia and in- fectious disease among children are due to unre- Generic Avelox solved pneumonia produced by a chronic pneumo- coccal Avelox 400 Mg Price infection, and are not tuberculous. 2. Bron- chiectasis of the internal moiety of the lower lobe, or of the whole lobe, is more likely to follow at- tacks of chronic or indurative basal pneumonia ; disseminated patches of bronchopneumonia are more likely to produce areas of diffuse bronchial dilatation. 3. After removal of enlarged tonsils and adenoids, the expediency of surgical intervention should again be discussed if the lower lobe alone is solid, honey- combed with bronchiectasis Purchase Avelox abscesses and dilated bronchi, and also accompanied by Avelox Generic Name svTnptoms of septic absorption. JACOB'S LADDER. The harassed municipal Generic For Avelox surgeon must sometimes Avelox Antibiotic 400mg wish an exact account of Jacob's ladder had been given, for he has to contend with accidents brought about by faultily constructed ones which, breaking. twisting, slipping, falling, hurl a workman to de- struction. Then follow the loss of time or life to the Buy Avelox Online worker, surgical assistance, sick allowance or pension, witnessing in the courts, and all this proce- dure brought about by faulty ladders or, very often, by thoughtless or daring men. People who view lofty buildings imder Avelox Iv construction little know that so great is the risk run by workers that Rule 1222 of the Industrial Commission says that none but skilled workmen who thoroughlv understand the dangers shall Avelox Strong Antibiotic build the scaft'olding whose faulty con- struction may lead Avelox Online to accidents on ladders, Avelox 400 Mg Dosage etc. Another worry coming to the miuiicipal surgeon is the "contributory negligence" one. The men will slide Buy Avelox down levels, jump from higher levels, even consider the ladders installed as a reflection on their agifity, or Cheap Avelox say they breed habits of carelessness. Distinct specifications are made for the making of ladders, but, we fear, faults creep in even as in air- plane building. To reduce the 1,000 accidents which occur almost yearly would be encouraging be- cause they do not include many scaffolding accidents. DISCARNATE SPIRITS. In these days, when every morning there are paragraphs concerning those who have slipped out of the back door of Life by means of knife and rope, gas fumes, Bayer Avelox poison, it may be consoling to relatives who are burdened not only with grief but shame, to learn from the spiritists that there are not only good spirits, but weak ones, hovering around, working us evil, though well meaning. These discarnate spirits believe it is sad sometimes that human souls must tarry in this world when everything Printable Avelox Coupon is against them. They long to have them enjoy the larger, freer life. If one of these spirits becomes attimed to a weak or diseased mind, it may suggest suicide, but purely from a desire to help. Suicides are generally deemed irresponsible. This theory confirms it; but one reluctantly admits the invading of our borderland by weak minded spirits. Devils and angels we know, Avelox Generic but how are we to discern Avelox Generic Equivalent these others?

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