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work and literature, in which field he became a best seller. He spent a few months as a country school teacher and traveling daguerreotypist and got his first taste of journalism as publisher of the Bay State U'ccklv Courier. The Courier failed in a few months and he went to Richmond, Va., to teach school. He seemed to have been fairly well launched (in a career as an Avandia Price educator, for his next position was as superintendent of the public schools 'of Vicks- burg. Miss., but in 1849 he got an opportunity to join the staflf of the Springfield, Mass., Republican, and accepted it. Buy Avandia His writings, mostly under the pseudonym of Timothy Titcomb, were largely responsible for putting the Republican in the Purchase Avandia Online front rank of American newspapers. In time Generic Avandia he became part owner of the Republican and in 1866 sold his interest for fourteen times as much as he had paid for it. He then took a long vacation in Europe and it was there he planned a new monthly magazine, originally known as Scribncr's Monthly from which has grown the Century Magazine of today. Holland was the editor of the Avanafil Buy magazine from its establish- ment until his death. As a writer Holland was preeminently a moralist. With Purchase Avandia him literary work never was a matter of art for art's sake. His was the role of uplifter. Because of this lack of literary finish his work was freely criticized. Reviewers fell upon him mercilessly, but that fact did not deter the less fastidious public from buying his books by the hundreds of thousands. Perhaps the most popular of his prose was the novel Seven Oaks and his most popular verse the long narrative poem, Bitter Sweet, which James Russell Lowell called "an obstinately charming little Avandia Cost book." "We mean it as very high praise," said Lowell, "when we say that Bitter Szveet is one of the few books Order Avandia Online that have found the secret of drawing up and assimilating the juices of this New World of ours." Kathrina, another of Hol- land's long poems, was a close rival of Longfellow's Hiawatha in its day. Today it is almost unknown. It was Holland's poetry that drew most of the fire of the critics. The New York Sun had dubbed him "the American Avandia 4 Mg Tupper," for like Tupper (Mar- tin Farquahar Tupper, an English writer who was at the time an object of great derision) he did much commonplace moralizing. The Tupper designation clung to him the rest of his life and hurt him deeply. Edward Eggleston, author of The Hoosier School- master, described Dr. Holland as a man of dignified and impressive presence, "a man of rare simplicity who loved approbation and craved affection." To such a man the undisguised sneers of the reviewers were gall in his cup of happiness over large sales. But though the judgment of the critics Buy Avanafil was against his writings, there was none that failed to recognize the charm of his personality and Richard Watson Avandia Online Gilder and Edmund Clarence Stedman, among otheVs, felt the loss of Buy Cheap Avandia him so keenly that they in- scribed poems to his nieniory. Besides Bitter Szvcet and Kathrina, Dr. Holland's poetry also included Garnered Sheaves, a collection of Cheap Avandia shorter poems; and The Puritan's Guest and The Mistress of the Manse, lengthy poems of early New England life. His novels, in addition to Seven Oaks, Avandia Tablets included Miss Gilbert's Career, Nicholas Minturn, Arthur Bonnicastle and The Bay Path Order Avandia all of which had New England settings and all of which were greatly popular. His novels were undoubtedly his best Avandia 8 Mg work, artistically considered. He also pub- lished several books of shorter prose writings, the inspirational nature of which may be judged from their titles — Letters to the Young, Gold Foil, Plain Talks on Family Subjects and others. He also wrote The Life of Abraham Lincoln, of which Buy Avandia Online nearly Avandia Canada 200,000 copies were sold. Holland also was a pop- ular lecturer on social topics and took an active part in the civic life of New York. In 1872 he was appointed a member of the city board of educa- tion and later became president of Avandia Mg the board. He also was chairman of the board of trustees of New York University. He died suddenly in New York 590 EDITORIAL ARTICLES [New York Medical Jour: on October 12, 1881, at the age of sixty-two, having been born on July 24, 1819, at Belchertown, Mass. Death came as he was busy writing an editorial on poverty as a means of developing character. The editorial, half finished, was based on the lives of Presidents Lincoln and Garfield. The latter, a per- sonal friend of Holland, had jiust died as the result of wounds inflicted bv the assassin Guiteau.

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