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of bronchitis ; Chloroquine Aralen 48 per cent, of cases of chronic valvu- lar heart lesions; 46 per cent, of cases of chronic nephritis ; 37.3 per cent, of cases of chronic rheu- OdubiT 16, 1920.] OUTPATIENT MEDICAL WORK. 591 matisni, and 26.4 per cent, of those of gastric ulcer. The only other disease with a high proportion of lung Buy Aralen Online examinations was rachitis, for which this Chloroquine Price pro- cedure Buy Cheap Aralen was noted in 36.8 per cent, of instances. Heart. — The examination of the heart was re- corded for a relatively large proportion of cases for all conditions, and especially for the following diseases treated in the medical departments : chronic heart lesions, 84.9 per cent. : chronic nephritis, 60.7 per cent. ; chronic rheumatism, 45.3 per cent. ; bron- chitis, 38.2 per cent., and gastric ulcer, 25.6 per cent. The only other diseases where examination of the heart was noted in a large proportion of cases were: rachitis, with Purchase Aralen Online this item on 38.5 per cent, of the Aralen Cost his- tories studied: syphilis, with it recorded in 12.5 per cent., and syphilis of the nervous system, hav- ing it stated Order Aralen Online in 10.1 per cent, of instances. Abdomen. — Examination of the abdomen was recorded most often for the diseases treated in the general medical and pediatric departments. This in- formation was given on the following proportions of histories of the conditions stated : gastric ulcer, 58.1 per cent. ; heart lesions, 38.8 per cent. ; rachitis, 38.5 per cent. ; nephritis, 33 per cent. ; Chloroquine Buy malnutrition, 34 per cent.; bronchitis, 17.6 per cent.; rheumatism. 16 per cent. Genitourinary examination. — Genitourinary ex- amination was noted for only six of the diseases studied: 85 Aralen Tablets per cent, What Is Chloroquine of cases of Purchase Aralen lacerated perineum; 21.1 per cent, of gonorrhea patients; 4.1 per cent, of syphilis; 2.4 per cent, of epilepsy; .9 per cent, each of rheumatism and heart lesions. Muscles and bones. — Examination of muscles and bones was recorded more often for rachitis (in 73.7 per cent, of instances ) than for any other con- dition. This information was noted on the histories of Buy Aralen 50.7 per cent, of the Aralen Phosphate fracture cases; 18.6 per cent, of cases of chronic nephritis; 17.3 per cent, of cases of chronic rheumatism, and eleven per cent, of cases of malnutrition. .Skin. — Examination of the skin was recorded for 53.1 per cent, of patients treated for eczema. Case hi.stories of cellulitis and syphilis also had examina- tion of the skin recorded for a large number of — in 30.9 per cent, and 23.4 per cent, of in- stances, respectively. Nervous Order Aralen system. — The cases of syphilis of the nervous system studied were given an examination of the nervous system in 79.7 per cent, of instances. The other diseases for which such examinations were recorded were : epilepsy, with this procedure stated for 24.3 per cent, of cases ; chronic nephritis, with Chloroquine Tablets it recorded in 13.7 per cent. Buy Chloroquine ; chronic rheuma- tism, in 12.9 per cent.; syphilis, in 12.5 per cent.: malnutrition in 8.2 per cent., and heart lesions, in 7.7 per cent, of instances. Special senses. — An examination of the special senses was also recorded for a very high proportion (79.7 per cent.) of cases of syphilis of the nervous system. Such examination was also noted for a large number of cases of conjunctivitis (65.5 per cent.) ; trachoma (60 per cent.) ; otitis media (31.1 per cent.) and primary and secondary lues (21.8 per cent.). Glands. — Examination of glands Aralen Price was recorded for onlv eight of the diseases studied, and for a very small proportion of cases of each of these conditions except malnutrition, for which this item was noted on sixteen per cent, of histories. Teeth. — Teeth were examined for a relatively high proportion of patients treated in the general medical Aralen Online departmenis and for malnutrition. The cases diagnosed as rheumatism received the most attention in this respect, such examination being Cost Of Chloroquine re- corded in 26 per cent, of instances. It was also reported for 22.5 per cent, of cases of nephritis ; for 20 per cent, of cases of malnutrition ; for 16 per cent, of heart lesions; 10.6 per cent, of bron- chitis, and 6.8 per cent, of cases of gastric ulcer studied. Throat. — Examination of the throat was record-

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