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79 37.4 Malnutrition — Spec... 17 11 64.6 allopurinol online 11 64.6 3 17.3 16 94.1 Gen... allopurinol brand names 162 69 42.6 54 3J.4 27 16.7 138 85.1 media and malnutrition. The recording of revisits was the only cost of allopurinol feature in which the special institu- tions excelled for all allopurinol brand name the selected conditions com- pared. In this item, the advantage was very much on the side of the special institutions, which what is allopurinol 300 mg showed revisits for nearly twice as many cases as did the general dispensaries. On the whole, the special in- stitutions allopurinol 20 mg were somewhat superior to the corre- sponding branches of allopurinol 150 mg allopurinol generic name general outpatient clinics. COMPARISON OF DIAGNOSTIC, THERAPEUTIC AND SUPERVISORY PROCEDURES FOR SEQUENCE allopurinol uk CASES BY DEP.\RTMENTS. In the brand name for allopurinol analysis of medical work, the most im- portant comparison, of course, is that relating to found to vary greatly in starting allopurinol their procedure, the allopurinol iv three departments, general medicine, pediatrics and neuro- logy, treating a large proportion of systemic condi- tions, constituting one .group, and the surgery, allopurinol 50 mg gynecology, orthopedics, dermatology, and eye, ear, nose and throat departments, treating allopurinol tablets 100mg more local conditions, falling order allopurinol into allopurinol rxlist another. The former group recorded general physical e.xamination, laboratory tests and revisits in a higher proportion of cases, and the latter local physical examination and diag- nosis. As to the recording of treatment no definite classification can be established. DIAGNOSIS. Diagnosis allopurinol cost was found recorded for buy allopurinol online a allopurinol pharmacology relatively

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