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the cervical mucous membrane for the reception of Coupons For Tricor the active medicating agent. We know that the cervical canal in health contains a plug of clear, tenacious mucus. In pathological conditions the cervical secretion is increased in quantity and be- 708 ilEIMiBERC: DISEASES 01' THE Buy Tricor CERVIX. Jou conies tliick, cloudy, mucopurulent, and still more tenacious. Most oi the medicinal agents, such as silver nitrate. i)henol. formalin or the org^anic silver coni])uunds. which are useful in the treatment of diseased mucous niemhrane. coagulate nuicus Tricor 48 Mg as soon as they come in contact with it. The resulting dense I'lG. J. — Sutures completed showing the tension distributed. wall of coagulum acts as a Purchase Tricor barrier to the access of the medicinal agent to the mucous membrane and diminishes whatever effect Tricor Mg it might have. Complete removal of the secretion cannot be effected by swab- bing with gauze or cotton, or by the use of a suc- tion apparatus, and these methods when persisted in frequently cause bleeding, which still Tricor Online further counteracts the action of Tricor 145mg the medicament. After experimenting with different methods, I have found that the cervical discharge can be easily and Cost Of Tricor thoroughly dissolved or dislodged by irrigation of the cervical canal with a weak alkaline solution of the following formula: Tricor Fenofibrate Sodii bicarb., ) Sodii chlorid, - aa gr. xl Sodii borat, ) Aqua. q. s 01 I use for the purpose a large syringe, the tip of which Order Tricor is introduced well into the cervical canal Tricor Price and the fluid expelled under sufficient pressure to dis- lodge the mucus. Several injections may be neces- sary. There is not much likelihood of forcing the solution into the uterine cavity, Cheap Tricor unless the internal OS is dilated or too much force is eiuployed. Before beginning the treatment, Buy Tricor Online the condition of the in- ternal OS should be determined with a thin sterile probe. If it is found too much dilated, as it rarely is, the alkaline solution should be applied on cotton wrapped applicators instead of by irrigation. After the cervical mucous membrane is entirely clean it should be thoroughly dried with absorbent cotton, when it is ready for the application of the medicat- ing agent. I find no drug so good as silver nitrate for the purpose of curing erosion and endocervi- citis. In Tricor Cost the aggravated cases of long standing, in which the mucosa is greatly thickened and the erosion extensive, I begin the treatment with a fifty per cent, solution, applied every three or four days. The first few applications are likely to cause bleeding from the eroded surface. As the discharge lessens in amoimt and becomes thinner and less purulent, the strength of the solution is gradually decreased to ten per cent. If the cervix is large and boggy, the applications of the silver nitrate are supplemented with borogly- cerin tampons until the cervix is reduced in size. The Tricor Coupon patient is given a prescription for the alkaline powder, with directions to use one tablespoonful in two quarts of Tricor Prices water as a vaginal Tricor Coupons douche once or twice a day, depending upon the amount of discharge. It is most gratifying to observe the changes which take place in the Tricor 145 cervix under this treatment. The ero- sion gradually decreases in area through substitution of stratified squamous for the thin columnar epithel- ium. The change can be well Tricor 145 Mg seen at the edges where the ingrowth of squamous epithelium radiates toward the internal os. In addition, islands of squamous epithelium may be frequently observed in the centre of the erosion, looking very much like small skin grafts on a granulating surface. By the time the erosion has disappeared, the cer-

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