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third degree of the lesion, but the majority of cases Generic Name For Toprol Xl of the first stage, as expressed in the term retroversion or retroflexion, if uncomplicated, can be treated successfully by medical and mechanical means. Included then under this heading are mild uncomplicated cases of prolapsus, retrover- sion and retroflexion. Before considering specifically the treatment of these conditions, I should like to refer to their symptomatology. Undoubtedly the accusations charged against these lesions have no foundation in fact. It is, indeed, questionable whether uncomplicated retrodisplacements ever cause any symptoms, although all varieties of disturb- ances are attributed to them. All forms of auto- nomic nerve phenomena are frequently assumed to originate in displacements of this character. Locally, backache, pelvic discomfort or pain, bladder irrita- tion, rectal Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol irritability and gastrointestinal disorders are described as symptoms resulting from Toprol Xl Coupon malpo- sitions of this nature. This description of the symptomatology is far from the truth, as abundantly proved by the small percentage of symptomatic recoveries occurring in patients Toprol Xl 50 Mg Recall operated upon. Rarely, indeed, does surgical procedure relieve either the local or general disturbance and the syrnp- toms persist despite operative correction. There- fore, to attribtite such a vast symptomatology to this condition is fallacious. Generic Name For Toprol Rather should the uterine condition be regarded as a restilt, not a cause of the autonomic relaxation. No normal movable appendage ever creaks or breaks the back of the parent tree and the same may be said of the uterus. It cannot possibly cause backache, nervous phenomena or any other of the great train of symp- toms of which it is accused, regardless of position, so long as the organ remains natural in size and normal in mobility. Too many socalled backaches are attributed to the "uterus pressing against the spine," and the sooner we sever ourselves from this hereditary belief the sooner will we care Cost Of Toprol Xl for our patients more intelligently, the sooner escape the deserved opprobrium in Generic For Toprol Xl failing to give our patients relief. The first consideration in treatment of uncom- plicated retrodisplacements should be directed along systemic lines. Every possible effort should be exerted to restore the patient to a normal physical and psychical status. The importance of muscular rehabilitation must also be kept constantly in mind. Nerve Metoprolol Vs Toprol Xl and muscle reconstruction are accomplished by freeing the patient from all nervous worry and fatigue, by Toprol Xl Beta Blocker obtaining for her an abundance of Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol Tartrate 70(. HEINEBERG: DISEASES Toprol Xl Generic Name OF THE CERVIX. Medical Journal. physical and mental rest, by systematic forced feed- ing and by graduated exercise in wholesome fresh air. Proper and well fitting clothing should be worn. Overdistention of the Toprol Xl Vs Generic bladder should be prohibited and a daily easy evacuation of the bowels should be insisted upon, for no other factors are so active in causation as these. Constipation must be absolutely overcome, for recovery cannot pos- siblv occur with the patient violently increasing Toprol Xl 100 Mg the Metoprolol Tartrate Vs Toprol Xl intraabdominal pressure with every attempt at fecal evacuation. For this purpose drugs should not be employed, unless absolutely necessary. Mineral oil may be utilized, but a laxative diet with massage and exercise of the abdominal muscles are more desirable Is Toprol Xl A Beta Blocker and more lastingly efficient. Locally, a copious hot vaginal douche of one or two gallons of plain hot water should be taken morning and evening. If the uterus is Toprol Generic Equivalent large and heavy, glycer- inized tampons should Toprol Xl Generic Equivalent be introduced twice weekly. Toprol Xl Generic Recall The knee chest posture should be assumed for a period of fifteen minutes, morning and evening. Manual reposition of the uterine body should be performed and its position maintained by the intro- duction of a properly fitting hard rubber pessary. PROLAPSUS IX ELDERLY WOMEN. In marked prolapsus of elderly women of low surgical resistance, even in complete prolapsus, medical and mechanical methods, while not curative, will aft'ord the patients untold relief. Again the importance of regular bladder and bowel action cannot be overemphasized. Overcome constipation and uterine displacements, a fertile field for the gynecologist, would largely disappear. Accomplish reduction or replacement manually and follow this by the introduction of Is Toprol A Beta Blocker a Menge pessary. The patient should be instructed to keep the parts scrupulously clean by using a plain hot water douche morning and evening. At the end of six or eight weeks the pessary should be removed, cleansed and reintroduced. If the parts have undergone involu- tion or contraction, as frequently occurs, a smaller sized instrument should be used. If the pessary

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