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socalled simple, but really dangerous and at times harmful, procedure is employed all too commonlj-. tinidazole tablets 500mg A uterus of this type is generic tinidazole not the disease, but only a local pelvic manifestation of systemic trouble. A rudimentary organ order tinidazole online of this character usually occurs in large, obese women. This feature tells the tale of ductless glands or endocrine dysfunction and should be ample warning to any observer as to the futility of operation, such as curettage, the use of the metranoikter, stem pessary, or any of the other operative procedures commonly in vogue today. It is inconceivable that the Dudley or tinidazole online Pozzi operations should ever be performed for the condition described above and that these means should afford relief is likewise beyond comprehension. In these patients a general survey of the body should be a signal sufficient to tell ciprofloxacin and tinidazole tablets us to leave the uterus alone. The multiplicity of stirgical agencies recommended and employed in acute anteflexion should also be tinidazole tindamax suffi- cient evidence to show that we are still distant from an infallible remedy and, moreover, that surgical treatment has failed to afford the' results desired. Will any operation prove beneficent to poor tinidazole giardia nerv- ously and muscularly incompetent women with the intraabdominal strucutres in a state of general tinidazole vs metronidazole dependency or ptosis? In these cases, should not the malposed uterus be regarded as a concomitant of the condition and not as a separate entity? The tinidazole tablets urologist and general surgeon have recognized the true status of the socalled floating kidney and the voluminous reports of operation for this condition which formerly appeared in our literature have practically disappeared. Will we. as gynecologists, study the physiognomy of the malposed uterus with the same degree of interest and intelligent inter- ofloxacin tinidazole pretation ? LAW OF MALPOSITION. It is absolutely incumbent upon the profession to keep in mind that no set rule applies to all cases. Every displacement fasigyn tinidazole is a distinct law unto itself, and buy tinidazole will require, therefore, specific methods of treatment. Undoubtedly many patients will never get well unless operated upon, but it is not the function of this paper to discuss displacements of a surgical nature. It is my purpose to limit the consideration of the subject to medical and me- chanical treatment and I shall consider the various malpositions separately. One of the most annoy- ing, discouraging and distressing tinidazole norfloxacin types of malposi- tion is socalled acute anteflexion. ACUTE ANTEKLEXIOX. The condition described under this term rarely, if ever, occurs, as a distinct concrete pathological lesion. Indeed, as a separate entity it is of doubt- ful existence. In the light of our present knowl- edge concerning the endocrine system, should it not be regarded as a physical phenomenon or sign of ductless gland disturbance and not a pathological condition of the uterus? Certainly the very un- happy and discouraging results norfloxacin and tinidazole obtained by local surgical treatment should be stifficient to force us to place acute anteflexion in the category of disease in which it rightfully belongs. ciprofloxacin tinidazole While associated purchase tinidazole online with local symptoms, such as scanty or absent menstrual flow, dysmenorrhea and sterility, these symptoms are seldom overcome by the local surgical agencies in common emplo3'ment today. Rarely are these patients permanently benefited by curettage, the use of the metranoikter, the stem pessary, Dudley or 704 BLAND: DISPLACEMENT Of UTERUS. r York . JOURN, Pozzi operation, or any oilier surgical measure used at the present time. I have never seen the stem draiin or pessary overcome steriHty nor reUeve dj'smenorrhea for more than a period of three or four months, and most assuredly these implements cannot possibly have any influence in establishing a normal menstrual flow. ciprofloxacin and tinidazole I have personally seen serious damage result from the use of these instru- ments and the untold harm that results from their general employment is incalculable. Infection and permanent functional damage frequently result from the use of order tinidazole the buy cheap tinidazole curette. This is likewise true of the stem drain and the latter instrument cannot, indeed, be used without danger. W'e have at the present time under our care two young women suffering from extensive pelvic peri- tonitis resulting from the use of the latter imple- ment. Recently we operated upon a girl nineteen

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