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Philadelphia, Gynecologist to St. Joseph's Hospital. Assistant Gynecologist to Jefferson Hospital, Assistant Professor of Gynecology, Order Thorazine Online Jefferson Medical College. PROGRESS IX GYNECOLOGY. / No division of medical science has made more rational and definite progress than that of gynecol- ogy. Nearly all the lesions afifecting the pelvic organs of women have become so definitely classi- fied that there is practically universal unanimity as to the methods Order Thorazine to be instituted in treatment. To- day indiscriminate sacrifice of reproductive struc- tures has given place to Thorazine 50 Mg judicious conservatism. Acute pelvic infection is no longer considered or treated as a surgical emergency with the accom- panying high degree of mortality, morbidity and the useless sacrifice of the most vital organs of a woman's body. Postabortive and postpuerperal in- fections are now largely regarded as medical and not surgical conditions and, therefore, are treated along conservative medical lines. Premalignant conditions of the cervix are recognized and their serious significance is becoming more and more ap- preciated. These lesions, fortunately, are being treated less and less by expectant medical measures and Generic Thorazine prophylactic surgical procedures are being promptly applied. There is no longer discussion as to Purchase Thorazine the proper course in Thorazine Online ruptured extrauterine pregnancy, a topic that prominently held the stage until a few years ago. The introduction of radium. BLAND: DISPLACEMEXT OF UTERUS. 703 however, has somewhat Thorazine Iv upset the established views concerning the treatment of uterine fibroids and carcinoma, but the majority of investigators are unanimous in beheving that early surgical inter- vention is Thorazine 10 Mg still the method of choice. This is as it should be, because no human mind can fully com- prehend Thorazine Uses the true cellular nature of a neoplasm in- volving the organs concealed within the pelvic cavity. GENERAL COXSIDERATION OF MALPOSITIOX. However, in the treatment of malpositions of the uterus, there is still a divergence Chlorpromazine Thorazine of opinion, but the majority of authors are advocating and em- ploying surgical methods. This is due to the fact that no attempt has been made to draw a sharp dividing line between what constitutes on the one hand a Thorazine 100 Mg medical, and on the other a true surgical displacement. Hence many men apply operative measures indiscriminately to all. Before institut- ing any plan, the indications for treatment should be most thoroughly considered and surgical methods only should be utilized in those cases associated with distinct concrete surgical complications, such as lesions involving the vaginal walls, the cervix, the uterine body or the structures in intimate pelvic relation with this organ. Medical and mechanical means are definitely indicated in the simple, uncom- plicated malpositions. These methods should be utilized especially in virgin women, in young mar- ried women, in freely movable uteri and also in the prolapsus of elderly women of poor surgical resistance. Indeed, no simple, uncomplicated mal- position of the uterus should be regarded Thorazine Bipolar as a sur- gical lesion and, therefore, Buy Thorazine displacements of this nature should not be corrected by surgical methods. A simple displacement is defined as one not asso- ciated with pathological change in the organ itself or in the surrounding structures. This definition seems entirely superfluous, but yet, as previously remarked, the distinction between this form and the socalled pathological type is not sharply drawn and surgical measures are applied to all. Unquestionably, today, the uterus in simple mal- position is more sinned against than sinning. This is especially true Buy Cheap Thorazine in this country, and have we not swung the surgical pendulum a little too far? Are not too many patients being operated upon? Are we not building up a major surgical condition from a minor medical lesion ? Certainly we have been Thorazine 25 Mg more assiduously attentive in a surgical way to this condition than our confreres in Europe. Too fre- quently, indeed, we utilize surgical intervention without paying due regard to the causative factors, Purchase Thorazine Online and I am persuaded that before Thorazine Chlorpromazine deciding on any method we should weigh more carefully, investigate more thoroughly, not only the pelvic, but the svs- temic condition of our patients as well. Surelv one cannot hope to afford relief by operating upon patients who are nervously and muscularly wracked. It is needless to state that a stem pessary Buy Thorazine Online can- not possibly accomplish good for a patient with Thorazine 200 Mg a congenitally antiflexed, ill developed uterus, yet this

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