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controlled, silagra online the interpretation of their residts is of little value. When these tests are properly per- formed, they can be used to assemble facts from an individual case which measure the progress of the disease in more or less quantitative fashion, and which make possible the establishment of a logical and systematic form of treatment. Treatment of Human Anthrax by Normal Bo- vine Serum. — J. Penna. J. B. Cuenca. and R. Kraus ( Monografias del Instituto Bactcriologico del Dcpt. Nacional de Hygiene, Buenos Aires, January, 1920 ) report three hundred and eighty cases of an- thrax treated with normal bovine serum with a mortality of six and two tenths per cent. They found that the normal serum was quite generic silagra as efificient as the serum of animals immunized against anthrax by inoculation : furthermore they verified their former findings that serum sickness does not result from the use of bovine serum heated twice to 56° C. They also proved that the mixture of bovine serum \\ith horse serum prevented the serum sickness which so often occurs when the latter is silagra 50 mg used alone. order silagra They used in severe cases intravenous injections of from thirty to fifty c.c. of the normal bovine serum every twenty four to thirty six hours up to a maximum of two hundred and fifty c.c. In mild or benign cases intramuscular or subciUaneous in- jection sufficed. Autohemotherapy in Protracted Infections. — (i. Mouriquand {Lyon medical. June 10, 1920) notes that some acute infections, having passed into the subfebrile stage, persist for weeks or silagra 100 mg months, as though vaccination of the patient's system could not be brought to a conclusion. Such dragging infections seem in some respects comparable silagra cipla to cases of pleurisy with delayed absorption, in which (iilbert has recommended autohemotherapy cheapest silagra to initi- ate absorption of the fluid. -\ case of peliosis rheimiatica is reported in wliich this procedure was ap]5lied, apparently with complete success. The ])atient was a wet nurse aged thirty years, who had been suffering for six weeks from joint involve- ment and erythema multiforme, which resisted salicylates and aspirin, and recurred every two or three days. The temperature had hovered about .38° C. throughout the six weeks. Four mils of the patient's own blood, collected in citrate solution, was then injected into the stibcutaneous cellular tissues. On the next day the temperature de- scended silagra uk to normal and joint and skin manifestations completely disappeared. Three weeks later they had not yet returned. October 30, 1920.] PRACTICAL THERAPEUTICS AND PREVENTn'E MEDICINE. 693 General Anesthesia. — Alberto R. Egana {Sc- niana Mcdica, April 29, 1920) in buy silagra uk an extensive con- sideration of the subject arrives at the cheap silagra following conclusions: 1. silagra tablets Minor surgical operations or those on the extremities are best buy silagra done imder nitrous oxide oxygen. 2. order silagra online For all operations requiring complete muscular relaxation, especially in abdominal sur- gery, the nitrous oxide ether sequence is the method of choice. 3. Chloroform is too dangerous for general use, silagra price but it may more safely be mixed with ether. 4. The open method of giving ether is al- ways to be preferred. 5. Intratracheal insufflation is of value for thoracic operations. 6. Rectal anes- thesia with ether in five per cent, oily solution is suited to operations buy silagra online oa the head and neck com- bined with local anesthesia. 7. Morphine and atro- pine injections are to be used systematically. Local Anesthetic Action of Saligenin. — A. D. Hirshfelder. A. Ltmdholm and H. Xurrgard (Jour- nal of Pliannacology and Experimental Therapeu- tics, June, 1920) report experimental and clinical studies on saligenin — salicyl alcohol — and other phenyl carbinols as local anesthetics. Saligenin proved the best of the entire series of phenolic alco- hols investigated. It has the lowest toxicity, the least tendency to form wheals or edema, and the highest selective action in blocking the sensory nerves. The anesthesia was found to last longer than with procaine or benzyl alcohol. In tonsillec- tomy anesthesia with two per cent, saligenin solu- tion uniformly proved as satisfactory as that with 0.2 per cent, procaine. Two sebaceous cysts were removed by Stratte under two per cent, saligenin, ingrowing toenail operations buy cheap silagra performed under it b\' Stratte and Robitshek, an inguinal hernia dealt with satisfactorily by Tinker under one per cent, sali- genin, sensory block of the silagra tablet mandibular nerve for over fifteen minutes obtained purchase silagra in two cases by Schien with silagra 50 a four per cent, solution, and a like solution used with success for cystoscopy by Wynne. Herpes Iris. — A. J. Chalmers and Xorman

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