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SATTEKTinrAlTE: INCREASES L\' VENEREAL DISEASES. Medical Tour PInsical examination. — This showed an apparent- ly perfectly nourished male child. He had been all of his life and was at that time perfectly well. His only abnormality was the underdevelopment of the right side of the body, especially the right leg. The right leg was ten inches long, the left leg eleven inches long, measured from the anterior superior spine to the internal malleolus. The right thigh, one inch above buy prednisone the knee, was eight and one quarter inches in circumference, the left thigh was order prednisone online ten inches in circumference. The right foot, plantar surface, measured by placing the foot on a sheet of paper, was three and three quarter inches, the left foot, measured in the same way, was four prednisone 10mg inches. The right chest, measured from the xyphoid process to the corresponding spinous process of vertebrae, was eight and one quarter inches. The left side of the Fig. 2. — Underdeveloped epiphyseal os veloped greater and lesser trochanter, as lesser transverse diameter of right femur, iification centre; underde- compared with left side; as compared with left. chest, measured in the same way, was eight and three quarter inches. The right femur was one and four fifths inches shorter than the left. The right tibia was one and one fifth inches shorter than the left. On March 23, 1920, the baby being then about seven months old, had remained perfectly well and had continued to be nourished exclusively upon breast milk. He weighed twenty pounds. The left side of his body was as well developed as that of prednisone mg any normal breast fed baby of his age, but the whole right side of his body, although there had been a marked increase in development, still remained underdeveloped as compared prednisone 20mg with the left. The left side of the baby's face was larger than the right and the left arm and hand were larger than the right. The most marked difference was in the purchase prednisone size of the legs. The whole left leg was much larger than the right. This was especially noticeable in the thighs. The left foot was several sizes larger than the right. It was also apparent that the left side of his chest was larger than the right. The baby was normally developed mentally. In stand- ing order prednisone the baby on his feet prednisone tablets it cheap prednisone was evident that he had more strength in the left leg than he had in the right. He apparently also had more strength in his left arm and hand than he had in his right, but this difference between the left and the right side was only comparative, as the baby used his right arm and his right leg in an apparently normal way, and there was not the slightest evidence of paralysis of any kind. In fact, the mother believed that he had quite as good use of his right arm and leg as he had of his left. Measurements on March 23, 1920, were as fol- lows : Right leg, twelve inches ; left leg, generic prednisone thirteen and a quarter inches ; circumference of right thigh, nine- inches prednisone cost ; circumference of left thigh, ten and one half inches. Left foot four and three quarters inches long, right foot, four and one quarter inches- long. The buy cheap prednisone accompanying radiograms show the under- development of the bones of the right leg and the progress of development that has occurred prednisone online in five months. Seventh and Race Streets. THE RECENT INCREASES IN VENEREAL DISEASES. An International Peril. purchase prednisone online By Thomas E. Satterthwaite, M. D., New York. Dr. Joseph E. buy prednisone online Moore, an American ofiScer, con- sulting urologist to the district of Paris in France,, has told us that following the late armistice seventy thousand prostitutes were for a time thronging the prednisone price

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