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visceral pleura was covered with air blebs from the size of a pea to a half dollar. The rupture of the blebs probably caused a leaking of air into the mediastinum, which followed the cervical fasciae Fig. 21.— Late (Case XIII). ew of upholsterer's tack in right stem bronchus and produced tissue emphysema. The heart was increased in size. This case illustrates the valve- like action of loosely placed foreign bodies in the air passages. It also illustrates that the irritating effect of raw carrot in the air passages is equally as irritating and fatal as the inhalation of peanut ker- nels, and was rapidly productive of food inhalation bronchitis and lung abscess within five days of the accident. 660 LVXAH: FOREICX BODIES. [New York Case XV. Peanut pulp of a parched nut removed from the right bronchus of a child two and a half years of age. The Mesterolone Online child had been given several pieces of peanut which had been partly broken up by the mother. The child aspirated it into her lung shortly after taking it into her mouth and had a been a fatal peanut bronchitis and pulmonary ab- scess. Case XVI. Peanut kernel and several small pieces removed from the right bronchus of a child of three years and eight months. The child was admitted to the hospital five days after the accident. A Fig. 22. Fig. 22. — Four pieces of raw car f a child (Case XIV). Fig. 23. — Peanut pulp removed fri ved from the bronchi right bronchus (Case XV). Fig. 24. nut kernel removed from right bronchu (Case XVI). violent choking spell. The child was brought to the hospital six hours after the accident. The phys- ical Mesterolone Tablets examination showed that little air was entering the right lung. There was an asthmatic expiratory wheeze. An x ray plate revealed a shadow over the right upper and middle lobes, but the radi- ographer thought there was also a shadow in Buy Mesterolone the right lower bronchus. Bronchoscopy was performed without anesthesia and a small piece of peanut was removed from the right stem bronchus opposite the middle lobe orifice, a five mm. tube being used. As the piece removed by forceps seemed to be the largest piece, the remaining fragments were removed by suction through a two millimetre tube. The small pieces of pulp were readily removed by this method, care being taken not to wad the pulp in the lower lobe bronchus. All of the peanut pulp was apparently removed for air entered the whole of the right lung. There was a high rise in temperature to 105.2°, following the removal, but gradually fell to normal within two days. The child was kept under observation for two weeks and then discharged Generic Mesterolone after repeated stethoscopic examinations of the chest. The child

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