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bilities in lasix cheap the treatment of certain rather inacces- sible forms of cancer and because it procures an increase of therapetitic efficiency in the treatment of relatively insensitive and bulky tumors. While highly efficacious, radium puncture is harmless only when radiation of healthy tissues is avoided. An illustrated description of the armamentarium and technique is presented. Treatment of Congenital Dislocation of the Hip.— Calot {Bulletin de I' Academic de medccine_ April 20, 1920), from extensive anatomical and pathcjlogical studies, as well as from x ray, clinical, and therapeutic observation in several thousand chil- dren treated for congenital dislocation, found that hitherto x ray specialists and surgeons lasix renal have nearly always misjudged the location of the upper margin of the primitive cotyloid fossa, into which the head of the femur must be finally adjusted if true ana- tomical cure is to be obtained. This upper limit is not situated at the uppermost and outermost point of the diagrammatic V representing the cotyloid region in x ray textbooks, but at the apex of the V, i. e., at lasix 40mg the upper part of the Y cartilage. Be- cause of this anatomical error, incomplete and false reductions, rather than true reductions, have been obtained. The primitive cotyloid fossa corresponds in iv lasix small children to the ischial and not the ilial por- tion of the coxal bone. A mistake has also been made in placing the axis of the head and neck of the femur in an oblique direction. Instead, this axis .should, on x ray observation, be found hori- zontal. The head tablet lasix should be opposite the ischial portion ; the neck should appear in its greatest length, and contact, or better, insertion of the potassium lasix head and cotyloid fossa should be obtained. If this is not possible at first, it may be gradually secured by pressure with cotton upon the great trochanter through an opening lasix buy for it in the plaster apparatus opposite the trochanter. A broad, horizontal vault for the head must be created at the proper point. This is accomplished both by keeping the axis of the head and neck transverse througliout the period of immobilization and by flexing the thigh to an angle of 135° in the first apparatus buy lasix online used. This overflexion also serves to correct the frequent- ly existing anteversion and antetorsion of the head and lasik lasix neck. Autopsies and radiographs showed that a roof for the cotyloid fossa as horizontal, strong, and extensive as on the normal side can thus be created in from eight to twelve months. The newly formed roof or online lasix vault lasix and potassium appears in the x ray picture lasix 40 mg as stalactites and islets of bone which later become lasix purchase confluent. Equivalent changes take place even in the very small children, in whom ossification is normally less advanced. To avoid undue encroachment upon the femoral head lasix order by the bony proliferations above it, the head is not left in a fixed position through- out the eight to twelve months, but is moved through the use of three successive plaster dressings, the first holding the thigh lasix to buy flexed at 135°, the second at 90°, and the third at 45°. Chemotherapy of Chroilic Tuberculous Infec- tions. — II. Grenet and H. Drouin {Bulletin de r Academic de medccine, March 9, 1920) refer to the experiments of A. Frouin which showed that intravenous injections of the sulphates of samarium, lanthanum, neodyniiuni, and praseodymium induce an intense, progressive, and lasting mononuclear leucocytosis, and that in vitro the same salts cause definite alterations lasix mg in the vitality, morphology, and chemical constitution of the tubercle bacillus, the fat content of which is reduced from thirty-five or forty per cent, to twenty-two or even sixteen per cent. Clinically, intravenous injections of a two per cent, solution of one of the above mentioned compounds — usuall}' neodymium sulphate — were given in series of twenty or twenty-five, daily or on alternate days, repeated after intervals of fifteen or twenty days. The dose was gradually increased lasix for from two to five mils of the two per cent, solution. The injections were well borne in cases of local tuberculosis or with small pulmonary lesions and in fair general health. In more severe pulmonary cases the treat- ment caused temporarily slight lassitude and loss of weight. In hectic cases and those with extensive cavities the treatment was not tried. In eight cases of tuberculous lymphadenitis marked improvement followed one or two series of injections, the glands becoming smaller, lasix with potassium movable, hard, and fibrotic, and long standing sinuses closing in fifteen to twenty days. In eleven cases of lupus erythematosus and two cases of indurated er>-thema rapid improve- ment usually occurred, the lupus cases sometimes being cured in a few days, or, where of longer standing, after one or two series of injections. Among twenty-four cases of true skin tuberculosis, weeping and suppurating lesions were soon dried up, and later healing took place, in some lasix furosemide instances with scarifications or the cautery as auxiliary measures. Lujioid tubercles of the nasal mucosa were cured without local treatment. The pulmonary cases 648

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