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idea." Lingard, the owner Rash Lamictal of a brig, has pledged him- self to help Hassim and his sister, Immada, regain their kingdom of Wajo. Something of "the mad- ness of a fixed idea" is in his determination. And then into his horizon comes Cheap Lamictal the yacht of Lamictal Lamotrigine Mr. Travers, bearing with it all the decorum and dulness of British officialdom — and Mr. Travers' wife. "It seemed to him that till Mrs. Travers came to stand by his side he had never known what truth and courage and wisdom were." The story does not seem to be told as much as to unfold itself, so absorbing are the persons con- cerned and so inevitable the denouement. Mr. Conrad is a master at this sort of thing. His characters seem to reveal themselves almost with- 646 BOOK REVIEWS. [New York EDiCAL Journal. out external aid, so deftly does the author encourage them. There are no undigested lumps of psy- chology ; instead there is illumination Lamictal Online in almost every gesture. With Mrs. Travers, Mr. Conrad is slightly Purchase Lamictal less successful than Buy Lamictal in the depiction of King Tom. She remains something of a mystery, a woman whose disenchantment with life is hinted at but not fully revealed. We never really catch her olT her gu^rd. In the caSe of many writers who care as much about the setting as Mr. Conrad, the internal struggle of the characters might as well take place somewhere else. This is not so with The Rescue. One cannot imagine the drama of King Tom and Hassim and Edith Travers having been played out in another environment. King Tom himself is too representative of that life beyond law. And yet real Buy Lamictal Online as this book is, compelling and beautiful as it is, it may easily leave the reader unsatisfied. Mr. Conrad is far too sympathetic with his characters to regard them as puppets, and yet in efifect they are that, in the sense that human beings everywhere are puppets. These people move in a setting that dwarfs Generic Lamictal them by its gorgeousness, small and helpless and terribly alone amid a sea and sky that have no concern with Order Lamictal them, in a terrible, impersonal beauty that only emphasizes their isolation. One feels in the author's attitude that same detachment, the absence of a word of hope. A NEW DISSECTOR. The .-Utatomy of Society. By Gilbert Buy Cheap Lamictal Cannan. New York: E. Lamictal Use P. Dutton & Co., 1919. Pp. v-216. Gilbert Cannan, who wields one of the Lamotrigine Lamictal most trenchant pens among the younger English novel- ists, has written a book which is part treatise, part sermon and part prophecy, which is vehement and incoherent and at times splendid. It is a rather young book. Dissecting society is a large order. Mr. Cannan keeps up a verbal Lamictal Buy barrage against cap- ital, restrictions on divorce, tyranny, institutional- ism, and every sort of exploitation. He believes in Lamictal Xr freeing parents from their children and from each other when desirable, in reclaiming the school, in socializing industry— in freeing the human spirit. Interesting, but difficult. Dissection is an opera- tion which should be attended with calmness, and Mr. Cannan is not calm. He hits society on the head with an axe and considers the Order Lamictal Online job done. INTERRUPTED LAUGHTER. The Broken Laugh. By Meg Villars. New York : Robert McBride & Co., 1920. Pp. vii-343. If one were given two guesses as to Miss Villars's favorite reading matter, the first would be the novels of Compton McKenzie and the second the Ladies' Home Journal. She has not achieved the blend of farce comedy and metaphysics of the Sylvia Scarlett novels ; in' place of the metaphysics are bits calling for an emotional tear or two if one is that sort of person. But the foundation is McKenzie — snappy narrative built around an obscure little per- son who is no better Lamictal Rashes than she .should Lamictal Discontinuation be, complica- tions interwoven with what the newspapers call human Lamictal Mg interest, a dash of sentiment— the whole designed to keep the reader up all night if he is unfortunate enough to start it in the Purchase Lamictal Online evening. The heroine is named Kissy, and as a result of gullibility and ignorance she has a baby the father of which she does not even know. Her journey

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