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The shortage of houses and consequent overcrowd- ing have emphasized the need for homes for nor- mal confinements as well as for hospitals for com- plicated cases. The difficulty of building has ren- dered it necessary in most cases for an Fosamax With Vitamin D existing house to be adapted for the purpose, and suitable houses have been hard to obtain. Nevertheless proposals for about thirty-five additional maternity homes have been sanctioned or Fosamax 35 Mg are now under the consideration of local authorities and of the Min- istry. As for children's hospitals, the report points out that the accommodation for the treatment of Fosamax Mg chil- dren under five in general and special hospitals Fosamax 70 Mg supported by voluntary contributions has been supplemented in the course of the development of maternity and child welfare schemes in various ways. In maternity and child welfare centres which receive a large number of children the med- ical officer examines those who for some cause which is not immediately apparent are not making satis- factory progress. About twelve centres have pro- vided observation beds in which these children can be kept until the reason why they are not thriving Fosamax Alendronate is ascertained, and a remedy for their condition can be applied. Such observation beds tend to de- Fosamax With D velop into wards or small hospitals for ailing ba- bies, and in sixteen other instances new infants' and children's hospitals have been established, fre- quently in connection with centres for children un- der five suffering from marasmus, rickets, and sim- ilar conditions not ordinarily admitted Fosamax 70 to general or children's hospitals. Hospitals for general diseases and illnesses for children under five have been estab- lished in five districts in Fosamax 10 Mg which the hospital accom- modation for children was inadequate, and more in- stitutes for all of these classes are now being planned or considered. A hospital for cases of ophthalmia neonatorum has been provided by the Metropoli- tan Asylums Board. Fosamax Femur Altogether about 220 beds have been added to the hospital accommodation for children in connection with maternity and child welfare schemes. Attention is drawn in the report to the fact that the passing of the Nurses Registration Act, in De- cember, 1919, ended a controversy which had lasted some twenty years. The Act provides for the es- tablishment of a General Nursing Council, two thirds of whose members should be nurses, the remaining one-third being representatives of the departments concerned, of the medical profession and of the nurses' training schools. The first council is wholly nominated, but the act provides that in from two to three years' Fosamax Online time when a suf- ficient number of nurses have been registered to form an adequate electorate, the nurse Fosamax D members of the second and all subsequent councils shall be elected by the nurses on the register. In accord- ance with the invaluable practice in establishing registers of this kind, the interests of existing nurses are fully safeguarded, and those engaged in bona fide practice as nurses for at least tliree years be- fore November 1, 1919, may be admitted to the Fosamax Buy Online register without examination, provided that they apply for registration within two years after the date when the rules to be made by the General Nursing Council come into operation. Fosamax Plus D Subsequent admissions to the register will be made only by examination after the prescribed training in an in- stitute approved by the Council. Similar measm-es were passed establishing nursing councils in Scot- land and Ireland, and provision is made in Fosamax Lawsuit all three acts for reciprocal recognition by the various coun- cil's of nurses registered in Alendronate Fosamax other parts of Buy Fosamax the United Kingdom. The other document which has just been issued is a report of the interdepartmental committee in relation to certain phases of national health insur- ance and is chiefly valuable by reason of its appen- dix, which is a memorandum on some of the medical aspects of the National Health Insurance Act by Sir James Mackenzie and the stafif of the St. Andrew's Institute for Clinical Research. As mentioned in a previous letter Sir James Macken- zie, the great heart specialist who is known well by the medical profession of America, became con- vinced that much disease Fosamax 70 Mg Weekly could be prevented from- attaining serious proportions if the general medi- cal Fosamax Price practitioner was cognizant of some of the early symptoms of disease and was able by proper treat- ment to prevent these early manifestations from going further. As the general practitioner is the only medical man who has an opportunity to ob- serve and study these early symptoms Sir James suggested that these, and especially the panel prac- titioners, should be taught how to detect such symptoms and treat them properly. Sir James not only suggested such a scheme but gave up his prac- tice in London and founded the St. Andrew's In- stitute of Clinical Research in St. Andrew's, Scotland, for the purpose of carrying his views into effect. It is pointed out in the memorandum that though the vast majority of medical students_ become general practitioners no attempt is made to Price Of Fosamax teach them how to make use of their opportuni- ties in general practice and no hint is ever given

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