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from the liver, spleen or even of the general circu- lation will reveal. This has been done by obtaining blood simultaneously from the liver by puncture and from the pulp of the finger. In two cases the Plasmodium was the falciparum type, in the third case it was the vivax. On the slides the crescent shaped extraglobular bodies were seen adherent on the red cells, yotmg schizonts with their annular shape and fine nutritive vesicle and even some rose shaped ones. Staining showed these details dis- tinctly. They were the parasites of the tertian, usu- ally simple, rarely those of pernicious paroxysms. Unquestionably, the fact that they were found does not necessarily imply that the diarrhea would not have occurred without them. This early appearance of the diarrhea testifies to an invasion of the buy flovent liver by the parasite and likewise indicates the exciting action of the latter on the he- patic gland and the effort of the liver to rid itself of them by the bile. It is quite natural that it may precede flovent online the initial chill since, on its way, it is the liver that the parasite encounters before becoming scattered in the general circulation. It is difficult to say why in some patients the hepatic reaction is more prone to occur than in oihers and there fluticasone nasal is no evidence that there is an abnormal susceptibility of the organ. It appears probable that, although not yet fluticasone propionate nasal verified, the intimate mechanism of the excitation is the outcome of a order flovent fluticasone salmeterol direct action or the secretion of toxic generic flovent substances, perhaps even the production of new proteic bodies, as has been advanced by Abrami who has attempted to explain the production of the paroxysms by this flovent cost theory. October 23, 1920.] LOXDOK LETTER. purchase flovent 635 LONDON LETTER. (From our own Correspondent.) First Annual Report of the Ministry of Health — St. An- drew's flovent price Institute for Clinical Research — Report of the Interdepartmental Committee on Insurance fluticasone nose spray Records — Tlic Municipal Hospital at Bradford. flovent mg London, Septeniher J/, 1920. Two reports notable from the viewpoint of pub- lic health and preventive medicine have recently been issued, the most important of which is the first annual report of the ^linistry of Health. This document begins by discussing the work done by the Ministry in fighting tuberculosis. The main conclusions of a report of an Interdepartmental committee appointed in 1919 to investigate the mat- ter were that the existing accommodation in sana- toria and hospitals for the treatment of tuberculosis in the L'nited Kingdom was, as a result of the financial and other restrictions of building during the war, most seriously inadequate in quantity : and that in the development of schemes for the nasal spray fluticasone institu- tional treatment of tuberculosis it was necessary not merely to increase the available sanatorium and hospital accommodation but in addition to secure the provision of facilities for the occupational and vocational training of sanatorium patients and also for their permanent settlement, after training, in village communities where they could earn a liveli- hood under sheltered conditions. The sanatorium patient would thus pass through three stages, first fluticasone spray of treatment in the sanatorium, second of training under medical supervision in the training colony, and third of permanent employment or occupation in the village settlement. The training colony, though it might be physically separate from the sanatorium, should always form part or be a di- rect extension of the sanatorium. The committee also expressed the view that the tentative standard of one sanatorium bed and one hospital bed for each 5,000 of the population, which was suggested in 1912 by the Departmental Committee on Tuber- culosis, had now proved to be insufficient. It was also recommended by the Interdepart- mental Committee, with regard to sanatoria for sol- diers, that the national scheme for the treatment of tuberculosis should be supplemented by a scheme for training and employment in training colleges and village settlements, which would in the first in- stance be available order flovent online for tuberculous ex-service men. The Treasury buy cheap flovent has approved the scheme and the funds will be supplied. It is pointed out that the selection of suitable occupations cheap flovent in which tubercu- lous men should be trained while under purchase flovent online treatment at sanatoria has been receiving consideration for some time past. The difficulties which will arise in the absorption of these men into industries are con- siderable, and probably the only buy flovent online method by which many of the men will be able, after training, to earn

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