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632 CCMSTON: INTESTINAL SYMfTOMS IN MALARIA. [N*Ew York EDICAL JOURN.*; may be only apparent, finpecia price or it may be that nerves of special sense are formed from elements differing in potential from those of the neural control. How- ever, the phenomena of life, as we observe its finpecia online pharmacy manifestations would indicate that neural elements had special adaptability. In either case the pheno- mena that is of interest is presented by a group of elements capable of forming judgments, and even if a reasonable solution of this problem were avail- able, there would yet remain an unknown potential. The bewildering possibilities suggested finpecia 1mg by the appearance of strange and unknown forms of en- cheap finpecia ergy order finpecia such as are manifested in telepathy, mind read- ing, and thought transference excites the imagina- tion. The existence of an astral body and its pos- sible projection follows as a natural inference. However, if the neural finpecia buy control is a complex, it must receive the factors of its complexity from its elements, in a similar manner to that in which it receives the quantitive factors of its elements from its zones. The quantitive factors together with the quali- tive make up the neural control and while an estimate could possibly be made as to the former, it would be impossible to even approximate the lat- ter, formed, as it is assumed to be, by donations of elements from the body zones, the' quantitive factor would resolve itself into a question of the absence or presence buy finpecia uk of the donations. This would have significance wherein relative variations in size could be observed. We know that teratomata are produced having headless bodies, and from this fact, could infer finpecia india that zones can and do proliferate without donating neural elements, but the presence of a head of its size or shape could not be used as a positive index of the quantitive aspect of the neural control. It must not be assumed that the contents of the cra- nium constitute the neural control. Far from it. The control does not proliferate. It is doubtful that it has growth, as growth would entail the need of supply and waste. Therefore from birth to dis- solution it remains as first formed by the group- ing of its elements. Exceedingly minute as this entity must be, it should be obvious that its posi- tion as control requires a huge complex as an aid, and it is this complex that fills the skull. It is, of course, probable that a body having do- nated the required elements to form a perfect neural control, might fail to furnish the normal amount of material to equip the mechanisms of special sense. We would then have a small skull enclosing a very acute intelligence, capable, no finpecia 1 mg doubt, of making up its deficiencies in special aids. If, however, the control has been formed with a deficiency of elemental donations, it would be improbable that such a control would require the saine number of aids as a normal group. If present they would only add to its inability, and if absent would present an index of the finpecia online deficit in the size of the head. Therefore a small head attached to a body in- purchase finpecia capable of coordination, finpecia uk or having obvious mental deficiencies of greater or less degree, would be the index of an imperfect neural control, one which lacked in zonal donations, and which as a "conse- (|uence, would be unable to function normally, even if equipped with perfect mechanisms of finpecia fda special sense. As space forbids a lengthy consideration of the subject, it can only be remarked in closing, that finpecia cost the neural control seems to represent a plastic entity whose susceptibility to suggestion is its most aston- ishing attribute. Its impulses (instincts), its spe- cial senses, its environment — finpecia cipla one and all sway it from finpecia hair loss one extreme to another. It gives the finpecia canada impres- sion of seeking an outlet by accepting anything offered, then finding the means or the information to be unavailable or untruthful, it turns to some- thing new. Most of its abnormalities are the re- sult of accepted suggestions leading it to buy finpecia online the brink of destruction, hence it doubts everything that is new, or apparently where to buy finpecia new, yet blunders time after time because of its limited experience. 620 West 190th Street.

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